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SpongeBob Pictionary
Show Info
Premiere Date August 4th, 2013 (Old version)
September 14th, 2019 (Revival)
Status Returning
Genre Game Show
Seasons 3
Episodes 59
Showrunners jjsthekid
Patty Sponge
Hosts jjsthekid
DarknessDG (1 game)
dmandaman (1 game)
Hayden (1 game)
Steel Sponge (1 game)
SOF (1 game)
Mythix (1 game)

SpongeBob Pictionary is an event. It originally started August 4th, 2013, and was entirely made by scratch by Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick's coding. The game was based almost entirely on iSketch. He chose to make his own Pictionary game instead of using iSketch to add mobile support, move away from Shockwave, and to allow an infinite amount of possibilities to the game. After September 2013, the game went into a long hiatus. MDPP later confirmed the feature was broken and most likely impossible to repair at the time, due to his lack of knowledge in JavaScript servers at the time, meaning it would not be returning anytime soon. On April 1st, 2015, the game has been restored and was continued by ssj4gogita4 primarily hosting the games and MDPP occasionally hosting. Due to lack of interest, the game was discontinued on SBC.

On September 2nd, 2019, A revival of SpongeBob Pictionary was announced, now using skribbl.io instead of a custom room, as well as a separate Discord server. The revival came about when OWM discovered skribbl.io in May 2019, causing it to be used for games at SpongeBash and SBC's 10th Anniversary as a test to see how popular it was with members. The first round begun September 14th at 7pm EST. The game has become even more popular than Jeopardy was in its early beginnings. DarknessDG and dmandaman have taken turns recording the games, which are uploaded to dman's YouTube channel. As of game 36, the game now uses Sketchful.io to host games.


  • 2,000 Doubloons (4,000 for season finales)
  • Pictionary Champion Badge (kept until next round)

SpongeBob Community Rounds

2013 Games

Number Date Players Winners Notes
1. August 4, 2013 10 ssj4gogita4 First ever game.
2. August 11, 2013 10 ssj4gogita4

Two games were held on September 15th, 2013 and September 29th, 2013, as well, but it is unknown who won them along with attendance counts.

Season 1

Number Title Date Winner Players Host Theme Notes
1. Welcome to SpongeBob Pictionary! September 14, 2019 DarknessDG 8 jjsthekid Mixed First Pictionary game to be on SBC after the 2013 cancellation. Darkness's first solo Pictionary win.
2. Self Titled September 21, 2019 DarknessDG 8 jjsthekid SpongeBob
3. The Triple Television September 28, 2019 dmandaman 8 jjsthekid SBC dman's first solo Pictionary win.
4. Power of Learning October 5, 2019 dmandaman 10 jjsthekid School
5. Kreepy Lane October 12, 2019 Steel Sponge 8 jjsthekid Mixed First Halloween themed game for Octerror Fest 2019. Steel's first solo Pictionary win.
6. The Night Artists October 19, 2019 President Squidward 10 jjsthekid SpongeBob Second Halloween themed game for Octerror Fest 2019. Prez's first solo Pictionary win.
7. Pictionary Ghouls October 26, 2019 dmandaman 11 jjsthekid Halloween Third Halloween themed game for Octerror Fest 2019.
8. Kev, Say The Word! November 2, 2019 DarknessDG 8 jjsthekid SBC
9. Dank November 9, 2019 Ding 9 jjsthekid Memes Ding's first solo Pictionary win.
10. May The First Carrot Win November 16, 2019 Carotte 8 jjsthekid Mixed Carotte's first solo Pictionary win.
11. John Madden 94 November 23, 2019 dmandaman 8 jjsthekid Thanksgiving First Thanksgiving themed game.
12. I'm Squidward! December 7, 2019 Matt0417 12 jjsthekid SpongeBob Squidward themed game. Matt's first solo Pictionary win.
13. Bowl of Mashed Potatoes December 14, 2019 dmandaman 9 jjsthekid Mixed First Christmas themed game for Snowcember Ball 2019.
14. A Holly Jolly Pictionary December 21, 2019 Kev 9 jjsthekid Christmas Second Christmas themed game for Snowcember Ball 2019. Kev's first solo Pictionary win.
15. The New Decade January 4, 2020 dmandaman 8 jjsthekid SBC
16. Close Calls January 11, 2020 Steel Sponge 8 jjsthekid SpongeBob
17. To the Point January 18, 2020 DarknessDG 5 jjsthekid Mixed
18. The Return of Beter February 1, 2020 DarknessDG 8 jjsthekid SBC
19. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Lover February 8, 2020 Hayden 10 jjsthekid Valentine's Day First Valentine's Day themed game. Hayden's first solo Pictionary win.
20. Weast? February 15, 2020 DarknessDG 6 jjsthekid SpongeBob First game for Freebooter Februarry 2020, a SpongeBob pirate episode themed game.
21. Hoist the Colours February 22, 2020 Salmon 8 jjsthekid Pirates Second game for Freebooter Februarry 2020. Salmon's first solo Pictionary win.
22. Leap Game February 29, 2020 DarknessDG 10 jjsthekid Mixed This was the first ever game in SBC history to occur on a February 29th.
23. The Kicking Game March 7, 2020 Steel Sponge 11 jjsthekid SBC First game for March Madness 2020.
24. Chaos is a Ladder March 14, 2020 DarknessDG 8 jjsthekid St. Patrick's Day Second game for March Madness 2020. First St. Patrick's Day themed game.
25. SPONGEVID-19 March 21, 2020 dmandaman 8 jjsthekid SpongeBob Third game for March Madness 2020.
26. A Day With Pictionary March 28, 2020 DarknessDG 12 jjsthekid Mixed Fourth and last game for March Madness 2020. Season 1 finale. This game had 7 rounds instead of the usual 6.

Season 2

Number Title Date Winner Players Host Theme Notes
27. We're Back! April 18, 2020 President Squidward 7 jjsthekid Mixed Season 2 premiere.
28. Jamaican Me Crazy April 25, 2020 dmandaman 9 jjsthekid Countries
29. Server Will Restart May 2, 2020 Kev 9 jjsthekid SpongeBob SpongeBob Season 1 themed game.
30. Sponsored by Hungry Jack's May 9, 2020 dmandaman 9 DarknessDG Darkness's Interests Darkness guest hosted this game due to her win in the Season 1 finale. This game was a part of the May 2020 Minor League Event.
31. Dank II: The Server Strikes Back May 16, 2020 Steel Sponge 8 jjsthekid SBC Memes
32. Gamers Rise Up May 23, 2020 dmandaman 11 jjsthekid Video Games First game of Arcade Anarchy.
33. Diggin' It May 30, 2020 DarknessDG 10 jjsthekid Minecraft Second game of Arcade Anarchy.
34. Gotta Draw 'Em All June 6, 2020 dmandaman 9 jjsthekid Pokemon Third game of Arcade Anarchy.
35. Mamma Mia! June 13, 2020 Steel Sponge 8 jjsthekid Mario Fourth and last game of Arcade Anarchy. This was the last game to use Skribbl.io.
36. The Queen's New Room June 20, 2020 DarknessDG 6 jjsthekid Mixed As of this game, the site now uses Sketchful.io.
37. State of Confusion July 4, 2020 dmandaman 5 jjsthekid US States First 4th of July themed game.
38. Ahem, Giraffe July 11, 2020 DarknessDG 7 dmandaman Dman's Interests Dman guest hosted this game.
39. Dying to Pie July 18, 2020 Steel Sponge 6 jjsthekid SpongeBob SpongeBob Season 2 themed game. First game for The Super Spongy Square Games 2020.
40. Meta Madness July 25, 2020 DarknessDG 5 jjsthekid SBC Events & Games Second game for The Super Spongy Square Games.
41. Hayden's Young Adult Years August 1, 2020 jjsthekid 5 Hayden Hayden's Interests Hayden guest hosted this game. Jjs' first solo Pictionary win. This is the first game to be at 8pm instead of 7pm.
42. Nosteelgia August 8, 2020 dmandaman 4 Steel Sponge Steel's Interests Steel guest hosted this game.
43. Mystery Pictionary Game August 15, 2020 DarknessDG 6 jjsthekid Mixed First game for Noirgust: Mystery with a Twistery.
44. Ruh Roh! August 22, 2020 dmandaman 6 jjsthekid Scooby-Doo Second game for Noirgust.
45. SpongeBob Destroys the Universe September 5, 2020 Steel Sponge 6 jjsthekid SpongeBob
46. Happy Birthday, Pictionary! September 12, 2020 DarknessDG 5 jjsthekid Mixed This game celebrated Pictionary's anniversary on September 14th.
47. Short and Sweet September 19, 2020 The Appetizer 4 jjsthekid SBC Appetizer's first solo Pictionary win.
48. Souljaboytellem.com September 26, 2020 sbl 5 jjsthekid Websites sbl's first solo Pictionary win.
49. SBC: Friendship in Discord October 10, 2020 Steel Sponge 6 SOF My Little Pony SOF guest hosted this game as a King Neptune request (and is the first game to be requested using it), which celebrated 10 years of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This game currently holds the record for the fastest game, clocking in at 27 minutes.
50. Toast!? October 17, 2020 The Appetizer 5 jjsthekid SpongeBob First game for Octerror Fest 2020, and fourth Halloween themed game overall.
51. A Real Live Ghost Mop October 24, 2020 Steel Sponge 8 jjsthekid SBC/Octerror Fest Second game for Octerror Fest 2020, and fifth Halloween themed game overall.
52. Hallow's Fools October 31, 2020 Fred Rechid 7 jjsthekid Halloween Third game for Octerror Fest 2020, and sixth Halloween themed game overall. Season 2 finale. Fred's first solo Pictionary win. Like the S1 finale, this game had 7 rounds instead of the usual 6.

Season 3

Number Title Date Winner Players Host Theme Notes
53. I Love PAW Patrol! November 28, 2020 dmandaman 7 jjsthekid Mixed Season 3 premiere.
54. YES! Hello. December 5, 2020 DarknessDG 6 jjsthekid SpongeBob Mr. Krabs themed game.
55. It's Shaping December 12, 2020 The Appetizer 5 jjsthekid Mixed First game for Snowcember Ball 2020, and third Christmas themed game overall.
56. Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas December 19, 2020 DarknessDG 7 jjsthekid Christmas Second game for Snowcember Ball 2020, and fourth Christmas themed game overall.
57. The Trash Man Cometh January 2, 2021 OWM 5 jjsthekid SBC OWM's first solo Pictionary win.
58. Cartoon Brawl January 9, 2021 Steel Sponge 7 Mythix & jjsthekid Animation Mythix guest co-hosted this game.
59. Smeckledorfed! January 16, 2021 The Appetizer 6 jjsthekid SpongeBob SpongeBob Season 3 themed game.
60. TBA January 23, 2021 TBA TBA TBA Mixed
61. TBA January 30, 2021 TBA TBA TBA TBA



  • The idea of the original iteration came from MDPP being nostalgic for the iSketch games he played on SBM back in 2007; ironically, SBM administrator Abney317 and former SBM regular Mothra were some of the first people to test the new SpongeBob Pictionary.
  • Aquatic Nuggets was the first person to see a working model of the original version of SpongeBob Pictionary.
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