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User Info
Registration Date October 12, 2009
Age 22
Status Inactive
Group Retired Employees

ExKizuna (currently Georgex Zimmerzuna) is an SBC member and former Moderator, Administrator, and Board Rep who first joined TV.com under the username sdavcgtfdjhgfv on January 21, 2007. He was banned from TV.com on October 12, 2009, joining SBC the same day, but he continued to create blogs on Gamespot. He was one of the most well known members on SBC, though was known for his aggressive personality and for getting into fights with several users. On May 21st, 2011, he announced he was leaving SBC, but would still be at Xat and Gamespot. He later returned as of June 18th, 2011, and became an admin in the summer. Sometime in fall 2011, he resigned, becoming a Good Noodle, and later demoted to a Customer due to lack of activity on SBC. He was briefly short-lived head of XAT during November but he was removed from the post due to the Xat reform. On March 31, 2013, he was chosen as a new member of the Representative Board of SBC, and later a Loyal Customer. He resigned on November 5, 2013. As of July 29, 2014, he became inactive on SBC. He scarcely made several Xat appearances throughout 2015, and since then, does not Xat anymore. However, he later revisited the site on a new account on December 11th, 2017, and then disappeared again.

An old SBC avatar.

Xat Games

Ex participated in the first Xat Games, although they ended up being cancelled. He returned for the Xat Games 3, where he finished in 4th place. He returned again in Xat Games 4.

Another old avatar of Ex's on SBC, during the brony phase.