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SpongeBob Pictionary

Patty Rose

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With Jeopardy having now been put out of jeopardy, we’re pleased to announce it’s replacement.


(Huge thanks to @TheOpenWindowManiac for suggesting this)

For those who have been around for a long time, SpongeBob Pictionary was a failed weekly game from 2013. Due to the lack of interest at the time, it only lasted 4 games before it was permanently discontinued. Until now…

We tested a possible return of Pictionary during SpongeBash and SBC’s 10th Anniversary, and the positive reaction we received confirmed a grand return!

What is SpongeBob Pictionary?
SpongeBob Pictionary is a weekly game in which contestants one at a time, are asked to draw a picture of a given word, and the other contestants must race to be the first to guess the correct word, just by looking at the picture drawn. Do not worry about the quality of your drawing talents, because that does not determine how you win this game at all, but rather, your interpretation skills of other players’ drawings.

What will SpongeBob Pictionary use?
In its original iteration, we used a custom coded room. In this iteration, we will be using the online site skribbl.io as our room. Note that the skribbl.io room link will change week to week, but luckily we have a solution talked about below to make that process easier to follow.

The winner of each game will receive 2,000 doubloons and the Pictionary Champion badge!


We also have a seperate Discord server setup just for Pictionary (similar to Jeopardy having its own Xat server back in the day). We will use this server to ping people weekly for the skribbl.io room links, along with any after game chatter and game statistics. You can join the server by following the link below.


The first game will take place on Saturday, September 14th at 7PM EST! Be there, and be square!

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