Octerror Fest 2021

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Octerror Fest 2021
Octerror Fest 2021 Logo - SB Mummy .png
The logo, made by LocalAquatic.
Start Date October 15, 2021
End Date October 31, 2021
Event Coordinators jjsthekid
Events SpongeBob Pictionary
Halloween Trivia Contest
Among Us
Music Parties
Movie Nights
Stop What You Are Doing
SpongeBob Whodunnit?
Skins Everyone:
Jellien Community
Graveyard Shift
Rock Bottom
Loyal Customers:
It Came From Boo-kini Bottom
The Flying Dutchman
Preceded by Octerror Fest 2020

Octerror Fest 2021 is the eleventh Octerror Fest for The SpongeBob Community, which will begin October 15, 2021 and conclude on October 31, 2021. This edition marks the 10th anniversary of Octerror Fest as an event. Like the previous five years, every game during the event will count for a teams tournament named the "Octerror Cup", between the Krusty Krew (Kreepy Krabs), Chum Buddies (Bucketheads), and Solos (Ghosts). Loyal Customers received a sneak peek of the event on October 2, 2021 and it was publicly announced October 8, 2021.

Octerror Cup Scoreboard

Place Team Score
TBD Krusty Krew (Kreepy Krabs) 3
TBD Chum Buddies (Bucketheads) 0
TBD Solos (Ghosts) 0


Like previous Octerror Fests, during the event, the group names changed to Halloween and SpongeBob related names. Managers, Cashiers, and Customers became orange, purple, and light blue instead of red, blue and teal.

Managers --> Slashers

Cashiers --> Floating Shopping Lists

Fry Cooks --> Scaredy Pants

Retired Employees --> Haunted Mattresses

Krusty Krew --> Kreepy Krabs

Chum Buddies --> Bucketheads

Loyal Customers --> Ghost Pirates

Customers --> Ghosts

Nematodes --> Zombies

They received Halloween badge designs during the event, the same ones from last year, which can be found in the gallery below. They also show on Discord next to usernames.

The forum category names were changed, to the same ones from last year:

Krusty Krab --> Kreepy Krab

Kelp Forest --> Haunted Kelp Forest

Atlantis --> Aaah!lantis

Bikini Bottom Arcade --> Bikini Boottom Arcade

On Discord, the event logo became the server logo and the category names were changed:

SBC --> ScaryBC

Tangy Bobby --> Floater's Cemetery

Fake News Media --> Haunted Houseboat


Stop What You Are Doing: Halloween Edition

The 37th SWYAD was held during the event. Like past Octerror Fests, the theme is to change your username to something Halloween themed.

Cards Against Humanity

Game 1

Date: October 15th, 2021

Winner: dmandaman (Krusty Krew)

SBC Music Monster Mash Fridays

A music party will be held every Friday night during the event, each with its own raffle.

Party 1 Raffle Winners (October 15th)

500 Doubloons: OWM

Halloween 3D Glasses: Katie

John Lemon Head: Prez

Jack O Lantern Pin: SOF

SpongeBob Pictionary

Three games this month will count for the event. The first one, "Look at Him Die!" on October 16th, 2021, was a SpongeBob Halloween game won by dman for the Krew.

Among Us

Game 1

Date: October 16th, 2021

Overall Winners: dman & Fa (Krusty Krew)

Map: The Skeld

Jackbox: Trivia Murder Party

Halloween Trivia Contest

Boovie Nights

13 Haunted Hotel Rooms

SpongeBob Whodunnit?: Final Episode

Scary Story Contest

Krusty Krab Kostume Kontest

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Another Candy Hunt hosted by jjs. Whoever finds the six pieces of candy throughout the forum will receive 400 doubloons, 100 experience points, a point for their team on the scoreboard, and an exclusive Pumpkin Gary collectable pin.



Pumpkin Smasher

Ghost Catchers

Trick or Treat!



  • This is the first event to award experience points as a prize.
  • This will be the last Octerror Fest and event in general to have Whodunnit.