Spin-Off Festival 11

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Spin-Off Festival 11
Spin Off 11 Logo.png
The logo for the event, created by Aquatic Konquest.
Start Date May 27, 2022
End Date June 20, 2022
Events SpongeBob Pictionary
Cards Against Humanity
Among Us
Skins Glove World

Spin-Off Festival 11 is the 11th and final addition of the Spin-Off Festival, which began May 27, 2022 and concluded June 20, 2022. SOF Tickets and the Festival Word Count competition both returned for the final time.

SOF Tickets & Prize Store

For the seventh year, Spin-Off Festival Tickets (aka SOF Tickets for short) returned. The prize store returned again as a thread. Several old prizes from previous years and Arcade Anarchy returned. Here is a list of what prizes were available (Bold indicates new):

iFish Items:

  • Red Lollipop (30 Tickets
  • Pinwheel (50 Tickets)
  • Chocolate Ice Cream (60 Tickets)
  • Candy Pizza (100 Tickets)
  • Penguin Plush (50 Tickets)
  • Bee Plush (50 Tickets)
  • Panda Plush (50 Tickets)
  • Happy Octopus Plush (50 Tickets)
  • Grumpy Octopus Plush (50 Tickets)
  • Jingle Jangle (150 Tickets)
  • Caramel Apple Costume (400 Tickets)
  • Rooster Costume (500 Tickets)
  • Bunny Plush (50 Tickets)
  • Rainbow Cotton (125 Tickets)
  • Jellyfish Necklace (200 Tickets)
  • Clown Makeup (300 Tickets)
  • SOF 2021 Glasses (100 Tickets)
  • SOF Hat (200 Tickets)
  • Pencil Costume (400 Tickets)
  • SOF Shirt (350 Tickets)
  • Fiery Fist O' Pain Helmet (95 Tickets)
  • Glove Pet (50 Tickets)
  • SpongeBob Plush (125 Tickets)
  • Festival Lei (100 Tickets)
  • Novel Head (325 Tickets)
  • Ticket Costume (500 Tickets)
  • Glove Background (60 Tickets)
  • Donut Conqueror (625 Tickets)
  • Brain Freeze (100 Tickets)
  • Glove Costume (500 Tickets) (Loyal Customers)
  • Beary (200 Tickets) (Loyal Customers)
  • Unicorn Plush (200 Tickets) (Loyal Customers)
  • Lovely Lion (200 Tickets) (Loyal Customers)
  • Winner Teddy (200 Tickets) (Loyal Customers)
  • Beach Necklace (200 Tickets) (Loyal Customers)
  • Gold 3D Glasses (300 Tickets) (Loyal Customers)

Badges & Collectable Pins:

  • Spin-Off Festival Ticket Pin (400 Tickets)
  • The Mitten Badge (1,000 Tickets)
  • Hieronymous Glove Collectable Pin (400 Tickets)
  • Tunnel of Glove Badge' (1,000 Tickets)

Here were several methods to earn SOF Tickets this year:

  • Post a new chapter of your spin-off/literature, and this gives you 500 tickets.
  • Win events such as Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, Among Us and Jackbox, which each rewarded 400 tickets. Don't panic if you can't win them though, because whoever reaches the Top 5 spots of any event receives SOF Tickets, not just the first place person.
  • Play in the festival mini-games.


Festival Word Count Competition

Returning from the past two festivals, whichever author had the most content in word count by the end of the festival would be crowned the Festival King/Queen. The Festival King ended up being 4EverGreen, who received the grand prizes of: 2,000 SOF Tickets, 10,000 doubloons, 500 experience points and the Festival King badge.

Word Count Scoreboard

Place User Words
1st 4EverGreen 45,676
2nd Steel Sponge 8,608
3rd JCM 7,386
4th OWM 233

Cards Against Humanity

Game 1

Date: May 27th, 2022

Winner: Fa

Game 2

Date: June 3rd, 2022

Winner: Fa

Game 3

Date: June 10th, 2022

Winner: dmandaman

Game 4

Date: June 17th, 2022

Winner: dman

SBC Music Parties

Everyone who attended a party automatically received 25 SOF Tickets.

Party 1 Raffle Winners (May 27th)

50 SOF Tickets: Katie and dman

Cotton Candy Pin: Prez

Party 2 Raffle Winners (June 17th)

50 SOF Tickets: Fa

SpongeBob Pictionary

Game 1

Date: May 28th, 2022

Theme: Spin-Offs & Literatures

Winner: dman

Game 2

Date: June 4th, 2022

Theme: Mixed

Winner: DarknessDG

Game 3

Date: June 11th, 2022

Theme: Books

Winner: dman

Game 4

Date: June 18th, 2022

Theme: SpongeBob Season 6

Winner: Bob Carotte

Among Us

Game 1

Date: May 28th, 2022

Map: Polus

Winners: Wintermelon43 & Honest Slug

Game 2

Date: June 4th, 2022

Map: Mira HQ

Winner: Winter

Game 3

Date: June 11th, 2022

Map: Skeld

Winner: Winter


Game 1

Date: May 30th, 2022

Game: Poll Mine

Winner: dman

Game 2

Date: June 6th, 2022

Game: Quiplash

Winner: Fred Rechid

Game 3

Date: June 13th, 2022

Game: Survive the Internet

Winner: Fred

The Ultimate Spin-Off Kahoot

A final spin-off and literature Kahoot was held on June 15th, 2022. The winner was SOF.

One-Shot Glory

A story contest where users could post one-off, original stories (cannot be based on an already existing work). The winning story was "Long Gone Summer" by JCM, who received 1,000 SOF Tickets, 1,000 Doubloons and 200 experience points.


The Cotton Candy collectable pin could be won from every minigame this year. Ball Throw was retired.

The Daily Spin

Users have to spin a wheel to win a prize, which contains the slots: Nothing (x3), 25 SOF Tickets, 50 SOF Tickets, 75 SOF Tickets, 100 SOF Tickets, 25 Doubloons, 50 Doubloons, 75 Doubloons, Cotton Candy collectable pin, or Extra Spin. You could only spin once a day. Like the previous few years, there are 12 slots on this wheel.

Balloon Pop

Users have to throw darts at spin-off/lit balloons, containing different SOF Ticket values or nothing inside them at all. You can only play once a day.

Spin-Off Shuffle

Users have to pick a glove (previously a hat) identified by the name of a spin-off/lit, and it will be shuffled around, having a prize under it, ranging from SOF Tickets, Doubloons, Cotton Candy collectable pin, to nothing. You can only play once a day.

Glove Striker

Previously named Spin-Off Striker. Users have to strike a mallet against a target, and their hit can reach five tiers potential tiers, giving them one of the following from lowest to highest: 5 SOF Tickets, 25 SOF Tickets, 50 SOF Tickets, 75 SOF Tickets, or 100 SOF Tickets. You can only play once a day.

Spin-Off Soaker

Users have to shoot at a cutout of a spin-off/lit with a hose. If they hit, they could receive either SOF Tickets, Doubloons, the Cotton Candy collectable pin or nothing. You can only play once a day.

Dice Roll

Users have to roll a pair of dice. Depending on what specific pair of numbers were rolled, the users would receive either SOF Tickets (40/60/80/100), 50 Doubloons, the Cotton Candy collectable pin or nothing. You can only play once a day.



  • This was the only Spin-Off Festival to have Jackbox.