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SBC Music
The turntable logo.
Current Version
Version v7.0
Release Date 4/03/21
Status Active

SBC Music is a feature on SpongeBob Community originally created by MDPP. It was released as the Christmas 2014 gift. This feature allows SBC members to play music from YouTube in turns, much like a radio station. It was a heavily requested feature after's updates made the website undesirable.

After MDPP was banned, SBC Music was taken offline a few weeks after and the room was retired. From August 17, 2018 onward, SBC Music took place in a room created by sbl. Unfortunately, on November 13th, 2019, closed its doors, leaving SBC without a music sharing site once again. The community decided to use OWM's cytube room for music parties, in addition to already being used for movie nights. From November 29, 2019 to April 2, 2021, SBC Music took place on cytube. As of Jellyfish 14, it now uses, the original SBC music sharing site, bringing everything full circle.


Release Date Updates
7.0 4/3/21 Sixth major upgrade; the site has now moved to, the original inspiration of SBC Music.
6.0 11/29/19 Fifth major upgrade; the site has now moved to cytube due to dubtrack's untimely closure.
5.0 8/17/18 Fourth major upgrade, and the biggest yet.


+ We've switched from being made in-house to, created by sbl.

+ Dubs! They currently have no use on Dubtrack, but who knows, functionality may be added in the future!

+ Markdown text added for speech in chat.

+ You can now play songs from SoundCloud! And as always, YouTube is still an option.

+ New social features: direct messaging and following system!

+ Better mobile experience!


- Due to switching platforms, SBC integration is no longer available. This results in the following being removed:

  1. The SBC Music store
  2. iFish integration
  3. Lightning Rounds
  4. Dance floor
  5. Avatar support
  6. Turntables
4.2 2/16/18 Supports new Safari and Chrome autoplay rules. Chrome will begin muting autoplay videos in April, and SBC Music will now tell you to unmute.
4.1 3/6/17
  • Four new Loyal Customer exclusive turntables added, all created by Cha.
  • Your iFish now dance when you hit the "like" button.
  • Lightning Round bug fixed.
4.0 2/21/17 Third major upgrade! Enjoy the new iFish integration! Hang out with your friends while you jam to your favorite songs! Eight new turntables are also added. Released as a part of Fab Beats February.
3.1 6/22/16 Better mobile support added. Power-ups removed due to lack of usage.
3.0 2/20/16 Second major upgrade! Enjoy the new look as well avatar support!
2.2 11/27/15 SBC Music now retrieves video duration on its own, fixing a major issue where requesting a song while the timer says "0:00" would skip that video.
2.1 8/12/15
  • Revert back to HTTP... yay.
  • SBC Music now remembers the wait list if it crashes.
  • Addresses an issue where SBC Music will stop playing music and hitting "skip" does not solve the issue.
2.0 6/11/15
  • New skin added.
  • Integration with iFish.
  • Store added, which includes turntables and special power-ups.
  • Lightning Rounds added.
1.3 2/18/15
  • Upgraded SBC Music to support encryption!
  • Messages and sensitive information are now protected.
1.2 1/19/15
  • Added history page.
  • Added shoutbox widget.
  • Added white skin.
  • Changed "Wait List" from gray to orange.
1.1 12/26/14
  • Added user list.
  • Added HD option.
  • Added volume control.
  • Added ability to change your request.
  • Fixed skip glitches.
  • Fixed [img] bbcodes.
  • Fixed the "undefined" ghost.
  • Fixed unordered wait list.
1.0 12/25/14 Merry Christmas! This was the launch version.


SBC Music Era

Dubtrack Era

Cytube Era

Turntable Era

Notable Glitches

  • On release date, MDPP attempted to add [img] support, but instead made every emoticon really large.
  • The "undefined" ghost: When nobody requested a song, the chat would constantly say "undefined is playing a song!" over and over until somebody requested another song.


On release, Karen was the host of SBC Music. As of February 25th, 2016, Clem became the new host of SBC Music due to Karen's inability to host the main web server and SBC Music without an upgrade. However, as of February 17th, 2017, Karen became the host again. Due to SBC Music no longer being in house, became the host on August 17th, 2018. After's closure, cytube became the temporary host, and now as of 2021, the current host is Turntable.



  • Fab Beats February was heavily centered around SBC Music.
  • Octerror Fest 2019 was the last event where you could win SBC Music events for teams. Starting from Snowcember Ball 2019 onward, they are now fun free for alls that have no competition aspect to them. As of 2021, the parties will now reward raffle prizes to anyone who attends.