Snowcember Ball 2016

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Snowcember Ball 2016
The banner for A Very Snowman Christmas.
Start Date December 9, 2016
End Date December 29, 2016
Event Coordinators jjsthekid
Fred Rechid
Events SpongeBob Jeopardy!
SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune
Dunces & Dragons
Music Parties
Christmas Trivia
Secret Santa Program
Stop What You Are Doing
Skins Everyone:
A Very Snowman Christmas
Sleigh Ride
Loyal Customers:
A Very Orca Christmas
Bikini Blizzard

The Snowcember Ball 2016 is the fifth annual Christmas/holidays event on SBC, and third one to use the name Snowcember Ball. It started December 9, 2016 and will end December 29, 2016. It contains a teams tournament between the Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Independent users, where everyone can play in it, similar to The Super Spongy Square Games and Octerror Fest 2016. In the end, the Drasticals won. Loyal Customers received a sneak peek of it on November 27th, 2016 during Customer Appreciation Weekend.


During the event, the group names changed to general Christmas/SpongeBob Chrismas related names. Cashiers, Loyal Customers and Customers became green, dark blue and ice blue instead of blue, light green and teal, like last year.

Managers --> Santas

Cashiers --> Elves

Retired Employees --> Reindeer

Band Geeks --> Nutcrackers

Drasticals --> Dwarves

Loyal Customers --> Snow Mollusks

Customers --> Snowmen

Nematodes --> Jerks

In addition, they also got exclusive holiday badges, which can be found in the gallery below. The SBC Music room also received a SpongeBob Christmas background. The SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune & SpongeBob Jeopardy! rooms also received Christmas decorations. For Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas, SpongeCraft got a holiday decoration pack which turned everything on the server into a winter/Christmas theme.


The Drasticals automatically received one point due to their Octerror Fest 2016 win. Below was the final scoreboard on December 29th, 2016, after the Present Hunt finished.

Place Team Score
1st Drasticals 23
2nd Band Geeks 20
3rd Independent 7

12 Days of Christmas Gifts

Just like last year, through December 14th to December 25th, users received if an exclusive gift if they logged in each day.

Day 1 (December 14th): A Very Snowman Christmas Skin

Day 2 (December 15th): SpongeCraft Holiday Decoration Pack

Day 3 (December 16th): Silver Bell

Day 4 (December 17th): Reindeer Hat

Day 5 (December 18th): 100 Doubloons

Day 6 (December 19th): Holiday Gary

Day 7 (December 20th): Holiday Patrick

Day 8 (December 21st): Chocolate Krabby Patty

Day 9 (December 22nd): Chocolate Dollar

Day 10 (December 23rd): Chocolate Spatula

Day 11 (December 24th): Chocolate Jellyfish

Day 12 (December 25th): Public release of Episodes Capsules & Wallpapers for Homepage


SpongeBob Jeopardy!

Two games this month counted on the scoreboard. The first game occurred on December 10th, 2016, which was the Season 8 premiere for Jeopardy. MDPP won it for the Drasticals. The second game occurred on December 17th, 2016, which jjsthekid won for the Independents.

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune

Three holiday themed games this month counted on the scoreboard. The first game occurred on December 9th, 2016, which was Christmas Animals themed. JCM won it for the Band Geeks. The second game occurred on December 16th, 2016, which was Christmas Movies themed. DarknessDG won it for the Independents. The third and last game occurred on December 23rd, 2016, which was Christmas Movies themed. Jjsthekid won it for the Independents.

Dunces & Dragons

Two games this month counted on the scoreboard. The first game occurred on December 11th, 2016, which WhoBob won for the Band Geeks. The second game occurred on December 18th, 2016, which DarknessDG won for the Independents.

SBC Christmas Trivia Contest 2016

The fifth annual Christmas Trivia Contest was held, hosted by jjs, JCM, crushingmayhem and SpongeOddFan. There were a total of 10 rounds, with the first one being December 11th and the last one on December 22nd. The overall winner was Cream, who won a point for the Drasticals, a sneak peek at a future SBC event, an exclusive Patrick Christmas icon, and a Trivia Champion badge.

Overall Scores:

Cream: 311 (Winner)

Fred: 304

JCM: 195

Hay: 164

OBAB: 40

Jjs: 30

Trophy: 30

Katniss: 19

SpongeBob's #1 Fan: 11

SOF: 6

4Ever: 2

Snowcember Snow Fort War

A forum game in the vein of Hooky and other roleplaying games from past events. Fred Rechid came up with the idea for it. The three teams (Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Independent) each had their own fort, and a captain. The original group of captains were Trophy (Band Geeks), Hayden (Drasticals), and Fa (Independent). Whichever side won each challenge got to knock off people from the opposing sides. The last person standing was Cream, who won a point for the Drasticals, 5,000 doubloons, and a Snow Fort Champion badge.

SBC Music Snowcember Parties

Tournament 1

Date: December 9th, 2016

Song: All I Want For Christmas (Mariah Carey)

DJ: MDPP (Drasticals)

Likes: 6

Tournament 2

Date: December 16th, 2016

Song: The Night Santa Went Crazy (Weird Al Yankovic)

DJ: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks)

Likes: 8

Tournament 3

Date: December 23rd, 2016

Song: Synth Buttons (Regular Show)

DJ: Hayden (Drasticals)

Likes: 5

SpongeCraft Tournaments

Tournament 1

Date: December 10th, 2016

Game: Winter Building Contest

Winners: Band Geeks (More and spongeboblover)

Tournament 2

Date: December 17th, 2016

Game: Arctic Race

Winners: spongeboblover (Band Geeks)

Tournament 3

Date: December 26th, 2016

Game: Present Hunt

Winners: Homie (Independent)

SBC Secret Santa Program 2016

The Secret Santa Program returned again, hosted by jjs. The event allows users to get gifts for other users secretly, with identities of the gift givers being revealed after the gifts have been given out. Sign-ups went from December 9th to December 17th. The gifts were given out December 23rd, and the identities of the Secret Santas were revealed.

Squidward's Christmas Party

Another iFish contest. Users had to submit a Christmas themed fish for Squidward's Christmas Party, and whoever had the best will be voted by the moderators (crushingmayhem, tyeamwork and Fred Rechid). The winner was Sandy's fish, who received a point for the Drasticals, 1,500 doubloons, 20 reputation points (aka likes), and a half off a store item of choice

Snowcember Story Contest

The Snowcember Ball Story Contest called for users to submit a canon or non-canon written work involving the cast of SpongeBob in one way or another. If at least one SpongeBob character is not featured, the person may not qualify. Users could use an existing spin-off, or create a completely separate entry. Creations also must also be at least 500 words. The deadline to submit an entry was December 26th, and voting began afterwards, lasting until December 29. The winner was "Plankton's Story" by DiabolicalGenius, which received a point for their side, 2,000 doubloons, 20 reputation points (aka likes), and a half off a store item of choice.

Stop What You Are Doing

The 17th edition of SWYAD was held where users changed their names to something holiday/Christmas related. Sign-ups were posted on December 2nd, 2016 and users could reserve their name for a week. Users had their names automatically changed to their reserved names at midnight on December 9th, 2016. Like last year, a bar shows the user's original name under their badges.

Present Hunt

Another scavenger hunt hosted by jjs. Just like last year, users had to find seven presents belonging to SpongeBob characters around the forum. Whoever found them received a point for their side, 500 doubloons, and an exclusive SpongeBob & Patrick Christmas 2016 icon to display in your store items.

Cards Against Humanity

A Christmas themed Cards Against Humanity game was held on December 27th, 2016, which JCM won for the Band Geeks.


All of the items available in the iFish Store were returning items from Snowcember Ball 2015. Eight new ones were added on December 16th, 2016. Here is a list of what was available:


Christmas Eyes

Snowball Eye

Jerk Face



Brown Sweater

Blue Toque

Carol Book

Snowman Costume

Hot Chocolate Cup

Teddy Bear


Blue Mittens

Gray Scarf

Holiday Socks

Winter Boots

Holiday Jacket

Gingerbread Man Costume

Loyal Customer Exclusive:

Santa Hat (2015)

Santa Beard

Santa Sweater

Santa Pants

Santa Boots

Elf Hat

Elf Ears

Elf Costume

Cookie Mask

Ugly Sweater

Candy Cane

There were also some iFish items given out during the 12 Days of Christmas, which can be found above.





Wheel of Fortune

Dunces & Dragons




  • It is the first Snowcember Ball where every game counts for the teams event (not just SpongeCraft).