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User Info
Registration Date August 21, 2014
Age 20
Status Active
Group Retired Employees
Cotton Candy
Notable Creations Third SBC Renaissance

Kylie (formerly Homie) is a member of SBC who migrated to the forums on August 20th, 2014. Kylie was originally active on SpongeBuddy Mania, but chose to become more active on SBC in 2016 as a result of encouragement from Cha. Since then, Kylie has been consistently active on the forums and displayed a passion for competing in events, consistently ranking as the MVP for the Drasticals team, alongside a number of wins at Wheel of Fortune. Further, Kylie holds the record for the highest Jeopardy score at $39,200, which was achieved in Game #288. Further, she was the winner of The Fry Cook Games VI, and had the highest single-event score in SBC history by winning 18 separate events during March Madness 2018. On July 13, 2018, Kylie became a Cashier, but left her position on January 8, 2019, due to becoming too busy in her offline life. She was succeeded in this position by Trophy on January 24th, after a heavily contested selection process.

Kylie has seen a shift in her image on the community over the years, and has become a beloved member by many, most notably as a result of the Third SBC Renaissance. She was the Employee of the Month for September 2016, and was also chosen as Featured Employee for the Summer 2018 season. Kylie has become well-known across the forums for her interest in pop music and various celebrities.

Third SBC Renaissance

Kylie played a large role in the Third SBC Renaissance, for which the catalyst was a romantic relationship she had with MDPP in which the former admin committed a number of felonies against her. A statement written by Kylie was shared heavily across SBC, with the notoriety of the document coming about largely by way of word of mouth rather than by the creation of an official topic on the matter. The statement largely detailed her relationship with the former admin, with a number of incriminating allegations made against him which resulted in his eventual ban on July 1st, 2018. Kylie was made the Featured Employee for the month of 2018 due to her involvement in the scandal. Kylie also created a shoutouts topic as a result of the incident, praising a number of members alongside the community as a whole for offering her support throughout the ordeal.