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User Info
Registration Date May 22, 2013
Age 24
Status Active
Group Amethyst
Loyal Customers
Gender Male
Notable Creations Forum Wars

WhoBob (formerly known as SB_DW_Fan) is an SBC member that joined the site May 22, 2013. He is the only SBC member from Turkey so far, aside from his twin brother who is only on discord. He's a gay/queer turk male who goes by He/Him. He's known best for his love for superheroes, Star Wars, BoJack Horseman, Mr. Robot, comics, films, tv/web shows, Destiel ship and others. He was an active member until he started to be on SBM more. Later he took a hiatus on both sites during November 2014-June 2015 due to final exams in high school. He later came back and he became more active than he was in 2013 and 2014. He was Employee of the Month in February 2014 and he was the winner of Kelp Forest Survivalist game at Camp SBC in 2015. He's one of the members of Cycord which is a group diverged from SBM in 2015. He became King Neptune for a day twice, one of being him roleplaying Marvel supervillain Thanos. He made a challenge for people to find six Infinity Stones, so he could (pretend to) ban half the members with using them in his gauntlet and he made more gauntlets for iFish for members to wear. He has over 5,000 posts.