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Current badge for Starfish 11, created by Patty Sponge.

Retired Employees is a group created in June 2013, made up of former staff members who have highly helped the site. Users in the group have an auburn brown color. The group was replaced by Royal Family in September 2013, but brought back on November 13, 2013 with the Royal Family user group being abolished. While Retired Employees have no moderation or administration powers on the forums, they do have two special advantages: they have unlimited image space in signatures, and as of June 2015, they also have Staff Lounge access, where they can participate in discussions.


Former Staff Not in Retired Employees

While rare, not every former staff member becomes a Retired Employee. This can either be due to lack of activity, the position they were in (former Representative Board members as an example), being banned, or their account is deleted.

  1. SG - Loyal Customers
  2. thesuitelife44 - Customers
  3. Devient - Deleted
  4. Rubber Ducky - Deleted
  5. TarterSauce25 - Deleted
  6. Steel Sponge - Loyal Customers
  7. Mothra - Customers
  8. Spongygirl92 - Deleted
  9. SpongeBabe - Customers
  10. Metal Snake - Banned
  11. Cream - Banned
  12. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick - Deleted
  13. Face - Deleted
  14. ssj4gogita4 - Deleted