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User Info
Registration Date May 25, 2015
Age 22
Status Active
Group Retired Employees

Tyeamwork (also known as "Mermaid Magic" and "Vampire Style!") is an SBC member who joined on May 25, 2015. She is known for her rather bouncy style of doodling and overall "Hot, Slutty Vampiricness" (based on her words), along with a visible love for Kiwi ingenuity. She even became the Employee of the Month for August of 2015. She is not to be confused with the member Teamwork, who, beyond the obvious name, became active at a similar time. She was made a Cashier on October 2nd, 2015, and holds the record of being the fastest user to become staff. After a year, she stepped down from the position on January 6, 2017, feeling she had no time to be an active contributive staff member. She was replaced by Metal Snake. As of late 2018, she has been somewhat active again, mostly visiting the Discord server.