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Their current badge, created by Patty Sponge.

Fry Cooks is a group of graphics designers on SBC (originally named GFX Designers). The group was first introduced in August 2010 and currently reintroduced on June 7th, 2018. They design graphics for the website such as banners, avatars, signatures, skins, and handling technical things for the site. Fry Cooks originally had a purple name, as well as a Fry Cook rank. The original members before they were retired were Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, Mothra, and SpongeBabe. They got a color change of lavender instead of purple for only 10 minutes on SBC on December 15th, 2012, but was later removed the same day for the Teams reform.

On June 7th, 2018, the group was reintroduced. The group now has magenta colored names and a Fry Cook badge.

List of GFX Designers

Cha (June 7th, 2018 - present, 939 days as of January 1, 2021)

LocalAquatic (October 5th, 2018 - present, 819 days as of January 1, 2021)

sbl (December 25, 2020 - present, 7 days as of January 1, 2021)

Patty Sponge (June 7th, 2018 - December 31st, 2019, 572 days)

JCM (June 7th, 2018 - July 2nd, 2018, 25 days)

SpongeBabe (July 2012 - December 2012)

Mothra (October 2011 - December 2012)

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick (March 2011 - December 15th, 2012)

Spongygirl92 (October 2011 - January 2012)

Steel Sponge (December 2010 - November 2011)

CDCB (May 2011 - November 2011)

Jelly (December 2010 - May 2011)

Face (December 2010 - April 2011)

TarterSauce25 (October 2010 - December 2010)

Spongebobs1fan (August 2010 - December 2010)

Rubber Ducky (August 2010 - September 2010)

Devient (August 2010)



  • Besides Managers, Fry Cooks is the only other member group with access to the admin controls, albeit they only have partial access to the skins portion. They do not have access to the moderator controls, however.
  • Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick's first piece of art ever made for SBC was the 2nd rank design that was used between March 2011 to September 2012!
  • One of the reasons for the removal of the Fry Cook group in 2012 was the fact that MDPP was the only active member remaining. This was revealed in the rebirth topic. Instead of removing MDPP from power, he was promoted to Manager.
  • Some of the old Fry Cook art is still used today. Specifically, Face's design for the SpongeTown skin is still in use today!
  • Fry Cooks is the only staff group to be disbanded and later revived in the history of SBC.
  • During Rodessance, they were called "Cowboys".
  • During Octerror Fest 2018 and Octerror Fest 2019, they were called "Scaredy Pants".
  • During Snowcember Ball 2018 and Snowcember Ball 2019, they were called "Decorators".
  • During Flicks February, they were called "Animators".
  • During Freebooter Februarry 2020, they were called "Boatswains".