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The badge you currently receive if you are the Featured Employee, made by Patty Sponge.
The rank you received if you were the EOTM. Used from March 9, 2013 to September 25, 2013.
The rank you used to receive if you were the EOTM. Used from 2011 - 2013.

Featured Employee is a special tradition on SBC (formerly known as Community Spotlight in 2010, and Employee of the Month from 2011 to 2017). It is awarded to the users who have made the most memorable contributions to the community, whether through activity or other means, similar to the Community Spotlight feature from TV.com. Your avatar and name will be featured on a widget on the forum for three months. If you are featured, you will receive:

  • Featured Employee badge.
  • 1,000 doubloons.
  • 200 experience points.
  • Name and avatar featured on widget, along with a description on why you were chosen. You will also be featured on Discord's #general channel description,
  • You can put "I was the Featured Employee for Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer year" in your signature or profile.

On January 1st, 2018, the system was entirely rebooted. Now, a member is featured once every three months to represent a season, making it more special. Past members who have been previously featured in EOTM may be able to be a Featured Employee as well.


Community Spotlight (February 2010 - August 2010)

February 2010 - Spongebobs1fan

March 2010 - Wumbology

August 2010 - Steel Sponge

Employee of the Month (March 2011 - December 2017)


March 2011 - Sabre

April 2011 - Metal Snake

May 2011 - CDCB

June 2011 - Pakasa43

July 2011 - OMJ

August 2011 - Deli

September 2011 - JCM

October 2011 - Servin' Up Smiles

November 2011 - Elastic Dog

December 2011 - SpongeOddFan


January 2012 - Clappy

February 2012 - Unlimitedcha

March 2012 - WWESpongefan

April 2012 - CF

May 2012 - The Idiot Box

June 2012 - Spongebobfan29

July 2012 - SG12

August 2012 - Crushingmayhem

September 2012 - Webizoid345

October 2012 - SpongeMaxwell

November 2012 - ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1

December 2012 - E.V.I.L


January 2013 - Shinya

February 2013 - Martincek

March 2013 - Michaelmn

April 2013 - Sofia

May 2013 - Patty Sponge

June 2013 - Trophy

July 2013 - Aya

August 2013 - Milkmaidman

September 2013 - Dr. Sex

October 2013 - Someone

November 2013 - Chrdrenkmann

December 2013 - President Squidward


January 2014 - TheOpenWindowManiac

February 2014 - SB_DW_Fan

March 2014 - CyanideFishbone

April 2014 - Terminoob

May 2014 - Cosmic-Loop

June 2014 - OneFluttershyAway


August 2014 - William Leonard

September 2014 - Urchees

October 2014 - Fred Rechid

November 2014 - Halibut

December 2014 - Fat Lenny


January 2015 - Steel Sponge

February 2015 - Bubblerock

March 2015 - rev up those fryers

April 2015 - Hayden

May 2015 - Fa

June 2015 - katnisslovestacos

July 2015 - Grubby Grouper

August 2015 - tyeamwork

September 2015 - sbnator20

October 2015 - illiniguy34

November 2015 - Spongetron Robotpants

December 2015 - MrTortellini00


January 2016 - spongeboblover

February 2016 - DarknessDG

March 2016 - imrustyokay

April 2016 - Big Meaty Claws

May 2016 - squidwardisawesome22

June 2016 - Teamwork

July 2016 - BenPaz

August 2016 - Renegade the Unicorn

September 2016 - Homestuck

October 2016 - Sandy

November 2016 - Ol Bold and Brash

December 2016 - SpongeBob's #1 Fan


January 2017 - Conehead

February 2017 - NegiSpongie

March 2017 - 4EverGreen

April 2017 - Bugs Bunny

May 2017 - Aquatic Nuggets

June 2017 - Wumbology

July 2017 - Elmyra Duff

August 2017 - Alex Squarepants

September 2017 - The Spicy Burrito

October 2017 - tvguy

November 2017 - ooooooofy

December 2017 - Frankie Doodle

Featured Employee (2018 - present)


Winter 2018 (January - March) - crushingmayhem

Reason: crushingmayhem was chosen as our Featured Employee for Winter 2018 for his resilience and dedication to the community. Despite all of the damage caused by the hurricane in Puerto Rico, crushing has made every attempt to go on SBC and keep us updated. To this date, his house still doesn't have proper power, yet he comes on every day. The choice for Featured Employee was unanimous: crushing is loved by everyone, very dedicated, and one of the best friends anyone could ask for. While he is a moderator, we felt that no one else would have been a better pick than crushing.

Spring 2018 (April - June) - SpongeOddFan

Reason: SOF was chosen as our Featured Employee for Spring 2018 for his dedication and heart to SBC for over eight years now. He is a friendly member to many, and his cheerfulness always brings a bright spot. He has been a true loyal member through and through.

Summer 2018 (July - September) Homie

Reason: Homie was chosen as our Featured Employee for Summer 2018 due to her determination and amazing bravery in having the courage to tell everyone about her story, one that she wanted justice for. She has also contributed to the site in numerous ways through posting and events. (See also: Third SBC Renaissance)

Autumn 2018 (September - December) WhoBob

Reason: WhoBob was chosen as our Featured Employee for Autumn 2018 due to his exceptional activity and contributions. He is also a generally kind member to others and is a joy to be around.


Winter 2018/2019 (December - March) HawkbitAlpha

Reason: For his outstanding contributions to the forums and for making perhaps the strongest comeback in SBC history, we're recognizing HawkbitAlpha as our Featured Employee for Winter 2018. Not only has he proven to be thoroughly loyal and reliable in times of peril for the forum, but he's been a consistent figure for the rest of the forums to rely on.

Spring 2019 (March - June) sbl

Reason: From his cheerful attitude that rubs off on the community members themselves, hard work and dedication in SpongeCraft to his overall kindness to others, SBL has been recognized as Featured Employee of Spring 2019. His activeness has proven himself a fine and reliable addition to our forums.

Summer 2019 (June - September) Wintermelon43

Reason: Wintermelon has been recognized as Featured Employee of Summer 2019 due to his passion for SpongeBob, along with his activity across both the forums and Discord.

Autumn 2019 (September - December) Coffee_lover

Reason: Coffee has been chosen as Featured Employee of Autumn 2019 due to being a well respected and loved contributor to the site's lore and meme library. He is a joy to have around and his passion for SpongeBob is also to be commended.


Winter 2019/2020 (December - March) G4ry

Reason: For his positive spirit, continuous contribution and activity in the community not to mention his witty off-color humor and very likable personality, G4ry has been featured as the Featured Employee of Winter 2019.

Spring 2020 (March - June) Steel Sponge

Reason: Steel has been a dedicated member to SBC for the last decade, contributing much, whether from entertaining posts, to insightful posts, all the way to his spin-offs. His passion for the site is why he was chosen for the Featured Employee of Spring 2020.

Summer 2020 (June - September) RDSP

Reason: RDSP has been a well meaning member the past few years, showing his dedication and loyalty to the site through a multitude of ways, even without always being on. He has also shown an immense knowledge for SpongeBob, leading to fascinating show discussions. These reasons are why he was chosen for the Featured Employee of Summer 2020.

Autumn 2020 (September - December) dmandaman

Reason: Dman has made many fun contributions to the forums and Discord, including his memes and dedication towards participating in SBC events. He has also been an entertaining presence to have around, and for these reasons, is the Featured Employee of Autumn 2020.


Winter 2020/2021 (December - March) Katniss

Reason: Katniss has been a dedicated, kind and joyful member to have around on the site, whether through her passion of music or entertaining exchanges in Ask Me. For these reasons and more, she is chosen as the Featured Employee of Winter 2020/2021. And we do love tacos.

Spring 2021 (March - June) Kev

Reason: Kev has been an amusing, fun member to have around on both the forums and Discord, whether for his passion in discussing film and music or for being an entertaining goofball. For these reasons and more, he is chosen as the Featured Employee of Spring 2021.

Summer 2021 (June - September) Old Man Jenkins

Reason: OMJ has been a loyal member of the site for over a decade now, continuing to visit and share his entertaining writings through mobile, which is no easy feat. Even without being on the Discord, he’s still shown his dedication and passion to the site. For these reasons and more, he is chosen as the Featured Employee of Summer 2021. Stay cherry.

Autumn 2021 (September - December) Honest Slug

Reason: Slug has been a loyal member since he joined, managing to fit into the community with his own flair, whether it be entertaining people with memes or participating in SBC games. True to his name, he is as honest as they come. For these reasons, Slug has been chosen as our Featured Employee of Autumn 2021.


Winter 2021/2022 (December - March) President Squidward

Reason: Prez has continued to be a loyal member of SBC in face of many obstacles in his way, which is to be commended. He’s continued to be a fun presence to have on the community. For these reasons and more, he has been chosen as our Featured Employee for Winter 2022.

Spring 2022 (March - June) Fa

Reason: Fa has remained a decently active SBC veteran for nearly 12 years, which is no easy feat. She has continued to have a presence on the site even after several gaps of absence, and has been quite active in games recently. For these reasons and more, she has been chosen as our Featured Employee for Spring 2022.

Summer 2022 (June - September) Bob Carotte

Reason: Carotte has been a passionate member about SpongeBob and is a fun presence to have around. For these reasons and more, he has been chosen as our Featured Employee for Summer 2022. Just be sure not to eat him because as far as we know, he’s not actually a carrot.

Autumn 2022 (September - December) ExKizuna

Reason: Ex has made one of the most stunning comebacks of any member, proving his growth and maturity. Despite his time away, he’s fit back into the community well with newer members as if no time has passed at all. For these reasons and more, he has been chosen as our Featured Employee for Autumn 2022.


Winter 2022/2023 (December - March) DarknessDG

Reason: DarknessDG has been one of SBC’s most dedicated gamers and brought joy to users with his weekly high quality artwork in Pictionary. For these reasons and more, he has been chosen as our Featured Employee for Winter 2023.

Spring 2023 (March - June) Fred Rechid

Reason: Fred has been a fiercely loyal and committed member of SBC for almost a decade, demonstrating this by serving the longest term as moderator. He continues to provide laughs with his presence. For these reasons and more, he has been chosen as our Featured Employee of Spring 2023.


  • There were three joke Employees of the Month. SpongeBob SquarePants on April 1st, 2013, Plankton on April 1st, 2014, and American Idiot on April 1st, 2016.
  • Jane and More are the only previously-banned users to be named Employees of the Month. Similarly, HawkbitAlpha is the only previously-banned user to be named a Featured Employee.
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