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User Info
Registration Date October 11, 2011
Age 26
Status Inactive
Group Retired Employees
Notable Creations SpongeCraft countries

Crushingmayhem is a former SBC Cashier and former Spongecraft Operator, who originally joined in late 2006. He joined SBC on October 11, 2011. He is also known as D-P-1 on some forums, and as dumb_person1 on but is now known as crushingmayhem. In his time on, he met many users who were familiar with his favorite shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Spongebob SquarePants. Origins (2006-2009)

As time passed, he visited many forums throughout the site and became editor for several guides on such as The Fairly Odd Parents, ReBoot, and The Planet's Funniest Animals, among others. He was also a frequent contributor to the Spongebob guide on, and was in among the top 3 contributors to the guide behind the editor TVTome_Shadow and SpongeSebastian.

Some time after, he was an active member in the blog community of and was well known throughout 2007 and early 2008. But then in 2008, after seeing most of his friends from the blog community, the Avatar forum, and Spongebob forums getting banned in many different ways, he decided to leave to focus his attention on other sites. Most notably the Avatar Mocvt Refuge (a forum made by banned members) where he found home.

Avatar Refuge Period (2008-2011)

His time in the Avatar Refuge was one of many triumphs but also time where he felt he was underrated despite his contributions to the site. There he met many users who became his friends and companions during his time in the site, including Pablo_808 (aka Old Man Jenkins or OMJ) Some time after, the forum started to decline after a series of bannings of users from a breakaway forum called The Oasis which threatened to spam the Avatar Refuge. After the users were banned, the Refuge was never the same again, and caused many members to leave the forum within the following year.

After being a veteran in the Avatar Refuge and passing through serious conflicts that were within the forum. In 2011, he decided to try and look for the old Spongebob users that had a similar refuge forum, but of Spongebob. He managed to find SBC and he joined on October 11, 2011, being reunited with some friends of his from and the Avatar Refuge. While he still visits his old forums occasionally, he's now a fully active member of the SBC since 2012.

SBC Life (2012-Present)

He also has contributed several things to the site which include activity. In addition, he is well liked and praised upon by members for a number of reasons including mediating conflicts and his serious approach towards topics discussed. He is also a very active member in the Xat and can be seen chatting regularly. He was also the August 2012 Employee of the Month. In addition, he was chosen as a member of the Representative Board of SBC on January 2013. As the Rep Board was closed down, Crushing was made a Loyal Customer instead. Loyal Customers were disbanded on January 1, 2014 for Tiki 10. Crushing was drafted to the Band Geeks on July 4, 2014. He also became a member of the revived Loyal Customers on July 28, 2015, and later got promoted to operator (moderator) of SpongeCraft on September 2015. He was promoted to a Cashier on February 12, 2016 after a forum wide election was held. He retired from the Cashier position on April 9, 2018.