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One of sbl's most recent profile pictures, which has become a meme in the community.
User Info
Registration Date February 5th, 2013
Age 18
Pronouns he/him
Status Active
Groups Fry Cooks
Cotton Candy
Loyal Customers
Location Toronto

sbl (originally registered as spongeboblover and then subsequently known as Patrick Star) is a user on The SpongeBob Community who joined on February 5th, 2013. sbl joined the community during SBC's 2013 member spike. He also joined when he was 8 years old, making him the youngest user on the site at the time (when he revealed his age and sex in this very great topic). He was the Employee of the Month for January 2016, and was also one of the most active players and an operator on SpongeCraft. He is one of the few Canadian members on SBC.

During his early days in the community, sbl was known to be immature and annoying. He was hated by a few people, but as he aged, sbl increased in maturity, still having some occasional moments here and there. Today, he's well-known and his company is enjoyed by many in the community. His humourous and admirable traits, together with his contributions, make him an integral part of the community to this day.

He is active, mostly on the Discord server, but also on the forums. He was a member of the Band Geeks until Teams 3 was disbanded. He was a SpongeCraft Operator from July 6th, 2017 to SpongeCraft's discontinuation in September 2019. On September 11th, 2018, sbl was made moderator of the SpongeCraft forum. Subsequently, around the same time, he was also given access to the technical aspects of SpongeCraft adding to his operator gig. He aided in managing updates, features, and tidiness for SpongeCraft until its discontinuation.

sbl was made the Featured Employee for Spring 2019. On February 28th, 2020, he was drafted into the Krusty Krew for the fourth incarnation of Teams, and on Christmas Day 2020, sbl became a Fry Cook. His appointment to the role filled the year-long vacancy that Patty Sponge had left ever since she became an admin the previous year.

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