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Their badge, created by LocalAquatic.

The Krusty Krew are the fourth incarnation of Teams alongside the Chum Buddies. They are led by Eugene Krabs, who serves as the mascot. The groups were officially released on February 28th, 2020, after the Teams 4 Draft. They won March Madness 2020, The Super Spongy Square Games 2020 (tie) and Octerror Fest 2020.

Current Members

1. dmandaman (Joined February 28th, 2020)

2. RDSP (Joined February 28th, 2020)

3. sbl (Joined February 28th, 2020)

4. LocalAquatic (Joined February 28th, 2020)

5. BenPaz (Joined February 28th, 2020)

6. NegiSpongie (Joined February 26th, 2021)

Former Members

1. Goobz (Joined February 28th, 2020)

Event Showings

Event Points Result Notes
March Madness 2020 24-16-15 Win Krew first win
May 2020 Minor League Event 4-2-2 Loss; 2nd place
The Super Spongy Square Games 2020 9-9-5 Tie Tied win with the Chum Buddies
Octerror Fest 2020 14-6-4 Win
Snowcember Ball 2020 16-6-6 Loss; 2nd place