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Aquatic Konquest
User Info
Registration Date February 28, 2017
Age 22
Rank Long Live the Konquest!
Status Active
Group Fry Cooks

"Kieran Salaria cannot come to the phone right now due to extreme levels of agony. Please leave a message after the beep." - Aquatic Konquest, November 2019

Aquatic Konquest, formally known as SpongeFan257 and LocalAquatic, and also known by his real name Kieran, is a member of SBC who joined the forums on February 28th, 2017. As at May 2019, he currently goes under the name of Aquatic Konquest.

He primarily posts within his art thread on the Squidward's Art Show section as well as the Downtown Bikini Bottom section of the forums and is also regularly active on the SBC Discord. He seldom posts within the actual SpongeBob section of the forum if at all, although he has recently been getting back into the show after a prolonged period of having not cared much for it. On August 1st, 2018, Konquest joined the Band Geeks team. He became a Fry Cook on October 5, 2018, as well as a Loyal Customer. Following the implementation of Teams 4, Konquest joined the Krusty Krew team.

He currently resides in the United Kingdom and is twenty one years old. Konquest has a noticeable obsession and passion for Disney movies and characters, particularly with The Little Mermaid and its protagonist Ariel, occasionally making references to the movie in his posts. Konquest is also a fan of Marvel properties, especially Spider-Man and Deadpool, as well as South Park, collecting Funko POP figures, Kingdom Hearts and shopping (evidenced by his seemingly frequent posting in the "What Did You Last Pay For" topic).

As of March 20th 2022, Konquest has a post count of 694 and 615 Reputation, and has also won the day for most liked content on ten occasions. However, his presence on the site is limited. He is more proactive on Discord, particularly in the #music-fm bot channel.


Konquest originally joined SBC as SpongeFan257 on February 28th 2017, following his more active presence on SBM and having recently learned of SBC. However, despite joining, he never participated on the site, favouring SBM instead, where he got to know some of the members and even managing to become a Chat Mod for the SBM Discord in 2018. However, following the 3rd SBC Renaissance, Konquest resigned as a Chat Mod and turned away from SBM, coming back to his SBC account and becoming more proactive on the forums.

In September-October 2018, Konquest applied to become a Fry Cook for SBC, and eventually got the role on October 5th. As a Fry Cook, Konquest's first job was to remaster the Nematodes badge, which was then implemented on November 1st 2018. Konquest's first event for which he began creating graphic assets was the 2018 Snowcember Ball, although he had originally pitched and designed a Stephen Hillenburg Community skin following the passing of the creator.

In 2021, Konquest was the lead designer for V14 Jellyfish, creating two new regular skins, a promotional graphic, and a new logo for the SpongeBob Community. Also as part of the V14 Jellyfish update, Konquest remastered his first skin, The Stephen Hillenburg Community.

List of Creations

Due to his interest in writing spin-offs and/or pieces of literature being a recent one, LocalAquatic only has two known creations: Battle for Bikini Bottom - A Nonsensical Parody and Aquatic Konquest's Oneshot Treasury, as of January 2020 and is hoping to be able to fulfill other literature projects he has up his sleeve as well. However, his progress regarding both tends to stagger and be irregular with prolonged breaks; it is likely he wishes to see to more of his projects before going on to try his hand at juggling more works.