April Fools 2020

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April Fools 2020
The banner of the skin during the prank.
Start Date April 1, 2020
End Date April 2, 2020
Event Coordinator jjsthekid
Events None
Skin The Disney Community

April Fools 2020 was the tenth SBC April Fools prank. The main theme of this prank is that Disney purchased the site, with Mickey Mouse acting as the ruler this time.


  • Mickey Mouse joined and interacted with users on the site. He also brought Thanos back from last year, and introduced Yoda.
  • The category names were changed. "Krusty Krab" became "Pizza Planet", "Kelp Forest" became "Enchanted Forest", "Atlantis" became "Paradise Falls" and "Bikini Bottom Arcade" became "Disneyland".
  • The Discord chat features Disney themed icons and bot names. The server was renamed from "SBC Chat" to "Disney Chat" along with these changes:
    • MEE6 => R2-D2
    • Robot Jones => WALL-E
    • Rhythm => DOR-15
    • Starboard=> Baymax



  • This is the first ever event to have a skin with a gif banner.