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OWM Avatar.jpg
User Info
Registration Date March 23, 2013
Age 21
Status Active
Group Cashiers
Staff Moderator

OWM (abbreviation for/formerly known as TheOpenWindowManiac) is a user who joined on March 23, 2013, and one of SBC's Cashiers. He has served in this position since April 9, 2018. Before becoming staff, he was also Employee of the Month for January 2014, and captain of the Drasticals until July 31, 2016. He is currenty SBC's longest serving Cashier as of April 9, 2024.



TheOpenWindowManiac joined on March 23, 2013, one week after making his SBM account. Although at this time his main focus was on SBM, he still went on SBC from time to time and posted when he could, mostly in the SpongeBob Games section.


OWM started participating on SBC more in 2015, especially in the later half of the year. In October, he installed SpongeCraft and became one of its most contributive members, which he still continues to visit occasionally. He also joined the Drasticals on the 17th, and even became its captain later in the year.


OWM continued to grow more of a steady presence on SBC in 2016 and 2017. Despite having to leave his captain post on July 31, 2016, he became even more active on SpongeCraft and participated in every event.


2018 was a big year for OWM. April 9 marked his promotion to Cashier, taking crushingmayhem's place after his dismissal. In his first few months as moderator, he witnessed Metalgate and the Third SBC Renaissance, as well as seeing the Discord become an official part of SBC. He visits everyday.


OWM's second year as Cashier saw him take more prominent leadership roles in SBC, such as helping organize events in Flicks February and April Fools 2019. He also became a SpongeCraft Operator before the server was shut down.


OWM took a reduced role in SBC affairs in his third year as Cashier, although he did contribute to the year's April Fools prank and continues to have input on the site's other events.



  • OWM is the first Asian staff member, being both Vietnamese and Chinese.
  • For some reason, OWM spent an entire hour of his life uploading a Minecraft parody album to SBC Radio.