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Royal Family was a new group created on September 2013 and abolished on November 13, 2013. The group contained members who were formerly staff or highly contributing members. The members in the group had unique titles including "King of SpongeBob Universe" and "Queen of SpongeBob Community". It was a replacement for the usergroup Retired Employees, but Retired Employees has now gone back to being used. Some users found it to be "pointless", "not related to SpongeBob", and much preferred the name Retired Employees, which is why it was brought back.


1. terminoob - King of SpongeBob Universe (Former Manager and Cashier)

2. Jelly - Queen of SpongeBob Community (Former Cashier)

3. Old Man Jenkins - Archduke of SpongeBob Universe (Former Cashier)

4. hilaryfan80 - Royal Knight of Coding (Former Manager)

5. SpongeSebastian - Lord of Spin-Offs (Former Cashier)

6. CDCB - Prince of Lits (Former Manager)

7. JCM - Royal Baby (Former Cashier)

8. Clappy - Golden Knight of SBC (Former Manager)