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Current group icon as of October 1, 2021, created by Patty Sponge.

Loyal Customers is a group on SBC that has existed in several different forms. It was first introduced on November 6, 2011, reintroduced on June 9th, 2013 and then reintroduced in its current form on July 28th, 2015. The first member to join was SOF.

First Loyal Customers (2011)

The original Loyal Customers existed for a very brief amount of time on vBulletin in late 2011. Due to Donations, SBC had a Donors group that was named "Loyal Customers" which you could get into for donating to the site. The group had bolded green and italicized usernames. It did not last for long, however, and was discontinued by early 2012.

Second Loyal Customers (2013 - 2014)

The next version of the group was launched on June 9th, 2013, to replace the Representative Board of SBC, which consisted at the time of Cha, ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1, crushingmayhem, Sauce Mama and ExKizuna (who was removed later in the year). They got a special badge to show this rank. All past Reps were converted to this group when the Reps were abolished. The purpose of the group was similar to the Rep Board. The Loyal Customers served as the voice of the rest of the community and could be requested to vote on certain things/decisions that the staff presented it to them. Later in Fall 2013, they got Staff Lounge access much like Representatives. They originally had their own forum called "Krusty Krab VIP Room", but it was removed when it was just decided to give Loyal Customers Staff Lounge access again. On January 1st, 2014, with the release of Tiki the group was made defunct on SBC.

Third Loyal Customers (2015 - Present)

On July 28th, 2015, the group was reintroduced as a new VIP group. It costs 15,000 Doubloons to buy, and has many special advantages such as:

  • Exclusive badge.
  • Green username color. (if chosen as primary group)
  • Access to exclusive club called "The Secret Box", where they will find an exclusive forum of the same name. In it, they will be given sneak peeks of SBC projects/events, behind the scenes on features and can also participate in polls on how to improve the community.
  • 750px x 300px limit for images in signatures, as opposed to the normal 700px x 200px for everyone else.
  • Access to exclusive skins: V13 Sponge, V13 Sponge Dark, Neptune's Castle, The Owl House Community and Battle for Bikini Bottom Community. (Store only)
  • Access to Takin' Out the Trash forum.
  • Access to the #secretbox Discord channel.
    • Staff Lounge Fight Fridays: From May 1st, 2020 to November 27th, 2020, Loyal Customers received previews of infamous Staff Lounge threads weekly on the #secretbox channel.
    • Cutting Room Fridays: From May 28th, 2021 to September 30th, 2022, Loyal Customers received behind the scenes looks at unused SBC features weekly on the #secretbox channel. They were also cross-posted onto the club forum.
  • At certain events, access to exclusive skins.
  • 2% monthly bank interest.

Note: As of 2020, if you are not active on either the forums or Discord for over a year, you will be removed from the group.

Past Privileges

Current Members

(Note: Staff automatically have Loyal Customers privileges. Retired Employees also had all Loyal Customer privileges before being merged.)