Freebooter Februarry 2016

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Freebooter Februarry
Februarry Banner.png
The banner on the skin, made by Face.
Start Date February 12, 2016
End Date February 27, 2016
Event Coordinator jjsthekid
Events SpongeBob Jeopardy!
SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune
SpongeCraft Tournaments
iFish Contest
Skins Freebooter Februarry

Freebooter Februarry was a brand new forum event, which started February 12, 2016 and ended February 27, 2016. It was a pirate themed event based on pirate episodes of SpongeBob. The idea of the event was crafted by jjs, while JCM coined the name. Loyal Customers got a sneak peek of it on January 30, 2016 and it was publicly announced February 4, 2016. The skin released for the event is a modification of V11 Starfish and was edited by JCM and Face.

A sequel to the event occurred 4 years later with Freebooter Februarry 2020.


During the event, the group names changed to general pirate related names.

Managers --> Captains

Cashiers --> Buccaneers

Retired Employees --> Boatswains

Band Geeks --> Cabin Boys

Drasticals --> Gunners

Loyal Customers --> Mateys

Customers --> Pirates

Nematodes --> Prisoners


SpongeBob Jeopardy!

A Jep game on pirate themed SpongeBob episodes occurred February 20th, which Halibut won.

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune

A Wheel of Fortune game on SpongeBob/pirates occurred February 19th, which JCM won.

SpongeCraft Tournaments

Tournament 1

Date: February 13th, 2016

Game: Pirate Building Contest

Winners: spongeboblover and DarknessDG

Tournament 2

Date: February 20th, 2016

Game: Treasure Hunt

Winner: spongeboblover

Tournament 3

Date: February 27th, 2016

Game: Which Chest is Which?

Winner: TheOpenWindowManiac


Another roleplaying game that works similar to the ones from past forum events. Users signed up as pirates, and competed in challenges sailing across the seas to find the Flying Dutchman's legendary chest. Whoever came in last for challenge or did not answer at all would be eliminated by walking the plank. The last pirate standing was Hayden, who completed the last challenge first. He won 5,000 doubloons, a Pirate King badge, and a SpongeBob Pirate King collectable icon to display in your portfolio.

Pirate Costume Contest

Another iFish contest. Users must submit a pirate themed fish, and whoever has the best will be voted by the community. The winner was Face's fish, who received 2,000 doubloons, 20 reputation points (aka likes), and a free store item of choice


Many new pirate iFish items were added to the store for everyone:






  • It is the first one-off event to receive a sequel.