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User Info
Registration Date October 18, 2009
Age 22
Status Inactive
Group Retired Employees

Dragiiin123 (currently big dragin123 ay ay ay) joined the TV.com boards under Cakeybagelsoup in 2008. The Spin-Off thread sparked his interest, since he liked writing. He later joined SBC on October 18th, 2009 after being banned from TV.com in August 2009. He has had past long resolved conflicts with Metal Snake, teenj12, and Deli. Though he still has mixed feelings about tvguy. Dragiin is known for his spontanousness. He used to spam a lot for fun, but has matured since late 2011. He created Stop What You Are Doing. He is not active on forum itself nowadays, but as of summer 2018, he is on the Discord server, and posts there once in a blue moon.


the year where I had started to join forums. i had only joined 1 previously like a year ago which was the same one I joined now, tv.com. i was like 11 and was lame but yeah, back then spongesebastion was 15. damn, time flies.


Conflicts of November 2010

Shit went down, I showed my true colors of spamming spamming and more spamming. threw down with a couple of people including teenj12 (who is pretty chill now) and tvguy (HE SURE IS!) and then got yelled at by exkizuna and clapmaster a couple of times and thas it.


3 years woo


it's been a long and windy road but here we are now. i have matured. I am dragiiin123. Drag is only user who holds a record for buying be a mod for a day the most.