Bob Carotte

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Bob Carotte
User Info
Registration Date July 20, 2015
Age 21
Status Active
Group Orange
Loyal Customers

Bob Carotte is an SBC member who joined on July 20, 2015. He was a former SBM mod.

He is currently 21 years old. He speaks 2 languages fluently: French (his first language) and English. He lives in Quebec, one of the Canadian provinces. His brother El Jacko is also an SBC member.

Besides SpongeBob, he enjoys older cartoons like Rocko's Modern Life or Ren & Stimpy. His favourite episode of Ren & Stimpy (Son of Stimpy) is often mentioned by him, to the point of including it in every movie night he would host.

His favourite foods are carrots, poutine, lasagna and hamburgers. He especially loves the burgers from Burger King. Some foods he dislikes are pickles, cucumbers and everything from McDonald's.

He was never very active in the forums but he mostly spends time in the SBC Discord chatting with other members.