Honest Slug

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Honest Slug
User Info
Registration Date May 9, 2016
Status Active
Group Emerald
Loyal Customers
Band Geeks

Honest Slug is a member who joined on May 9, 2016. However he did not become active until spring 2018 due to SBM's downward spiral. He is most active on Discord, where he mostly just partakes in memes and talks about how My Leg and Last Jedi ruined everything, although he does participate in SBC games as well. He became a Band Geek on July 21, 2018. He also may or may not be trying to bring Soviet Communism to SBC.


  • Honest Slug got the Emerald color during his King Neptune reign, making him the first member to use the color since 2017 when Trophy won the Platinum color.