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This page is about the version. You may be looking for the skin, titled V14 Jellyfish.

A promotional image by LocalAquatic for the version.

Jellyfish 14 is the 14th version of SBC, released as an Easter present on April 3, 2021. The site upgraded to Invision Power Suite 4.5. LocalAquatic was the lead designer of this version.


Leading up to the release of this version, there were several bits of foreshadowing to it:

  • Pet or Pests Festival used the new site logo on its main skin.
  • The default skin for March Madness 2021 used the same green color that V14 Jellyfish uses.
  • Loyal Customers received three cryptic sneak peeks throughout March.

New Features

  • Three new skins: V14 Jellyfish, V14 Jellyfish Dark and Steppin' on the Beach!.
  • V11 Starfish, V11 Starfish Dark and Battle for Bikini Bottom Community became Loyal Customer exclusives.
  • The Stephen Hillenburg Community received a new banner.
  • Three skins added to the Skin Store: Episode Explosion Extravaganza!, Sea Legs (Loyal Customer exclusive) and Midnight Sponge (Loyal Customer exclusive).
  • SBC Music 7.0, now using, which was brought back online after 7 years. A music party was held there the night of the release after Pictionary.
  • The introduction of .fmbot to the Discord.
  • Revamped rules.
  • Topic Summary. Any thread that reaches 10+ pages will now get a statistics widget detailing cool facts about the topic, under the first post in every page.
  • Emotes: 21 new emotes were added, 16 of them made by Cha.
  • 23 new iFish items, 7 of which being Loyal Customer exclusives
  • 2 new Community Store items: Change Username Color and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, a lottery replacement.
  • Complete introduction of the Collectable Pins store category.
  • The Kelp Forest section was renamed to Jellyfish Fields.
  • Posts now officially count in Industrial Park and Ask Me.
  • Announcement of SBC Kahoot, which debuted at SBC Grand Prix.



  • "Jellyfish" was originally the name at one point for Oceans 9.
  • Keeping with the version number, there are 14 jellyfish present on the background images of both V14 Jellyfish and V14 Jellyfish Dark.
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