Octerror Fest 2022

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Octerror Fest 2022
Octerror 2022 Promotional Graphic .png
The logo, made by Aquatic Konquest.
Start Date October 14, 2022
End Date October 31, 2022
Events SpongeBob Pictionary
Halloween Trivia Contest
Cards Against Humanity
Music Parties
iFish Contest
Skins Everyone:
Candy Corn Community
Red Mist
Graveyard Shift
Loyal Customers:
Rock Bottom
The Flying Dutchman
Preceded by Octerror Fest 2021

Octerror Fest 2022 is the twelfth Octerror Fest for The SpongeBob Community, which began October 14, 2022 and concluded on October 31, 2022. To replace teams, each game and activity during the event rewarded users candy. Whoever had the most candy gathered by the end of the event would receive special rewards. This event also celebrated the 10th anniversary and finale of iFish.


Like previous Octerror Fests, during the event, the group names changed to Halloween and SpongeBob related names. Managers, Cashiers, and Customers became orange, purple, and light blue instead of red, blue and teal.

Managers --> Slashers

Cashiers --> Floating Shopping Lists

Fry Cooks --> Scaredy Pants

Retired Employees --> Haunted Mattresses

Loyal Customers --> Ghost Pirates

Customers --> Ghosts

Nematodes --> Zombies

They received Halloween badge designs during the event, the same ones from the past two years. They also show on Discord next to usernames.

The forum category names were changed:

Krusty Krab --> Kreepy Krab

Jellyfish Fields --> Haunted Kelp Forest

Atlantis --> Aaah!lantis

Bikini Bottom Arcade --> Bikini Boottom Arcade

On Discord, the event logo became the server logo and the category names were changed:

SBC --> ScaryBC

Tangy Bobby --> Floater's Cemetery

Fake News Media --> Haunted Houseboat

Candy Contest

Each game and activity during the event awarded users a piece of candy. Whoever came in first place for a game received 20 pieces, while 2nd and 3rd obtained 15 and 10 respectively. Fa was the winner in the end, who received 4,000 doubloons, 500 experience points and the Candy Champion badge.

Place User Candy
1st Fa 160
2nd Winter 100
3rd SOF 90
4th ExKizuna 85
4th Dman 85
5th Mythix 60
6th Fred Rechid 50
7th Honest Slug 45
8th Prez 30
8th Steel Sponge 30
9th Carotte 20
9th DarknessDG 20
9th Appetizer 20
9th Old Man Jenkins 20
10th Krystalite 10
10th SBManiac 10
10th SpongeKid 10
10th 4EverGreen 10


Stop What You Are Doing: Halloween Edition

The 41st SWYAD was held during the event. Like past Octerror Fests, the theme was to change your username to something Halloween themed.

Cards Against Humanity

Game 1

Date: October 14th, 2022

Winner: ExKizuna

Game 2

Date: October 21st, 2022

Winner: Fa

Game 3

Date: October 28th, 2022

Winner: WinterArcanine

SBC Music Monster Mash Fridays

Party 1 Raffle Winners (October 14th)

Candy x5: Fred Rechid

Pumpkin Hat: DarknessDG

Trick or Treat Basket Collectable: Prez

500 Doubloons: BenPaz

Party 2 Raffle Winners (October 21st)

Candy x5: ExKizuna

Goodbye iFish Shirt: Katie

Trick or Treat Basket Collectable: DarknessDG

Party 3 Raffle Winners (October 28th)

Candy x5: Fred Rechid

Pumpkin Hat: ExKizuna

Trick or Treat Basket Collectable: Katie

SpongeBob Pictionary

Game 1

Date: October 15th, 2022

Theme: SpongeBob Season 7

Winner: Bob Carotte

Game 2

Date: October 22nd, 2022

Theme: The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Winner: Dmandaman

Game 3

Date: October 29th, 2022

Theme: Mixed Halloween

Winner: DarknessDG

Jackbox: Trivia Murder Party

Game 1

Date: October 17th, 2022

Winner: dmandaman

Game 2

Date: October 24th, 2022

Winner: dmandaman

Halloween Trivia Contest

The second edition of Halloween Trivia, using Kahoot. Each individual round winner would receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and 20 pieces of candy. The overall winner in the end was Fa with 44,060 points, who received: additional 20 pieces of candy, 500 experience points and the Trick or Treat Basket pin.

Overall Scores:

  • Fa: 44,060
  • SOF: 21,387
  • Mythix: 20,886
  • Ex: 10,809
  • Winter: 10,394
  • Fred: 8,966
  • Prez: 7,912
  • Teenj: 3,194

Round 1

Date: October 18th, 2022

Theme: SpongeBob Halloween

Winner: WinterArcanine

Round 2

Date: October 19th, 2022

Theme: Halloween Movies

Winner: Fred Rechid

Round 3

Date: October 20th, 2022

Theme: Halloween Music

Winner: ExKizuna

Round 4

Date: October 25th, 2022

Theme: Halloween Episodes

Winner: Fa

Round 5

Date: October 26th, 2022

Theme: iFish

Winner: SOF

Round 6

Date: October 27th, 2022

Theme: Halloween Video Games

Winner: Fa

Jigsaw Puzzle

Game 1

Date: October 22nd, 2022

Winner: Fred Rechid

Among Us

Game 1

Date: October 29th, 2022

Winner: WinterArcanine

Map: Skeld

Scary Story Contest

A contest in which users submit a Halloween themed story. The judges were OWM, Fred and Trophy. The winning story was OMJ's "There Was One Kid Here Earlier", who received 1,000 doubloons, 20 pieces of candy and 200 experience points.

Krusty Krab Kostume Kontest

The final iFish contest. Submissions did not have to be Halloween themed fish this time, so users could design whatever they wanted. The judges were jjs, Patty and Konquest. Fa won the contest with her fish, who received 1,000 doubloons, 20 pieces of candy, 200 experience points and the Goodbye iFish badge.

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt. Whoever finds six pumpkins hidden throughout the forum would receive: 500 doubloons, 200 experience points, 10 pieces of candy and an exclusive Patrick Mummy collectable pin.


Graveyard Dig

A new minigame. Users would dig up a grave, and they could receive either: the Trick or Treat Basket pin, 5 pieces of candy, an iFish item, doubloons or nothing. You could only play once a day.

Pumpkin Smashers

Users would choose between a small, medium or large pumpkin to smash, and inside of it could be either: the Trick or Treat Basket pin, 5 pieces of candy, an iFish item, doubloons or nothing. You could only play once a day.

Trick or Treat!

Users are to trick or treat at a chosen house, and can win the Trick or Treat Basket pin, 5 pieces of candy, doubloons, an iFish item or nothing. You could only play once a day.


In their final appearance, 66 iFish items were added to the store during the event. 7 of them were new, created as farewell items, while the rest returned from previous Octerror Fests. Bold indicates new. This is the final time any of these items would be available. There were no Loyal Customer exclusive items for the event.




  • First Octerror Fest since 2014's edition to not have a teams tournament.
  • Final event to have iFish.
  • First Octerror Fest to not have a hunt for candy.
  • The Ursula iFish items were originally designed for a King Neptune reign of Kieran's which never materialized.