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DelayedRelayedRusty (formerly Rigby, imrustyokay, SpaceHamster, CaptianFumbles, Santa Crist, Ding-a-ling Wolfnut, and Muse) is an SBC member who joined December 25th, 2014. He changed their name to Rigby for an SWYD, but decided to keep the name permanently afterwards until August 28, 2015, When they changed it to SpaceHamster (After the Youtuber). On September 5th, they changed it back to imrustyokay in antipation of server changes. They changed their name again on November 19 to CaptianFumbles. However, after The Great Wiping of 2015, their username reverted back to imrustyokay, to which they kept until December 3rd when they changed it back to CaptainFumbles. They were also Santa Christ (for the Christmas SWYAD), Muse, and Ding-a-Ling Wolfnut.

Their only contributions to SBC for a while was some riffs on Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000, some of which they have gone on record on this very wiki on this very page with these very words in saying that they were, quite possibly, some of the worst pieces of literature they have ever written, on and off SBC. They were more active on SpongeBuddy Mania until around 2017, as high school and their dad wanting his computer back took more control of their life. They had become inactive on both forums, mostly participating in the furry fandom, until on May 13th 2020, they joined the SBC Discord...and then the following January they had their discord account banned for something they didn't do, but they were back within a week, and they finally returned to SBC on February 25, 2021.

"i really hate writing about myself in the third person" -rusty, on this wiki, 11:32 pm EST March 1, 2021