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  1. As someone who loves spacesuits, and my friend ooooofy, i can confirm that Delaware exists for my love alone. Too bad Joe Biden is from there as well, and he is the biggest piece of evidence of Deleware not existing.
  2. Episode 2: 17 year olds One day, Sally was high on some dope-ass weed with tails in her room. The Weed is so Dope-ass that tails turns into a mp3 player when he opens his 17 year old mouth. “Whoa i can taste sound, '' says tails, his voice twanging like an angry ukelele-steel guitar combo. The frucking truck shows up outside their house and cream the inappropriately named rabbit comes out and heads inside Sally’s house. She screams in her 17 year old voice “hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey you guys want to see something cool?” Sally and tails say yes and cream takes a dvd of the entir
  3. So, I've been in a kind of bad headspace lately, as well as suffering some writers' block, so I needed something to get out of my system, and this was the result. Special thanks to me for looking up that one SA2 fandub that SnapCube did and just spending hours on wikis looking up that shit, oh and thanks to whoever posted that "SHADOW'S GOT A TINY DICK" in, i forget which discord server, it may have been the HRK server I am in but I am not sure. It may have actually been twitter, I don't know. anyway, enjoy what you could see as a mix of skodwarde, mr mike's least favourite bedtime stories, an
  4. I can think of three differences, actually. The Creator I think this is the biggest difference between the iCarly reboot getting acclaimed and the SpongeBob Spin-Offs getting sent down to hatedom hell. There is a Huge Difference between Lord Royal Highness God Emperor Stephen Hillenberg and Dan Schneider. Dan Schneider, imo, had an attitude of "what I am doing is a business, and I need to come up with more and more things in order to not drown and die." He pretty much had a stranglehold on any Nickcom from 2007 to around 2016-ish, with Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious
  5. So, A lot of people on this forum are connoisseurs of music. That's great. I have a challenge for all of y'all music lovers. I have a gigantic playlist of songs I like on YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeiIsGkttU6mxZM-ERDYzqYNoG96pEYIR (here's the Regular Youtube Version for those who don't use YM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeiIsGkttU6mxZM-ERDYzqYNoG96pEYIR ) and I want y'all to review them. I guess just as something to do if you're bored. Just use the Shuffle Button. Thread Rules: 1. You can review up to 5 songs with each thread
  6. Here are my contributions to the playlist. "The Statue Got Me High" by They Might Be Giants "Castaways" by Andy Yu "Tick Tock" by Albina and finally: "SpongeBob and Patrick confront the Psychic Wall of Energy" by The Flaming Lips
  7. *Me On January 7* Man, I finally got those riffs done. God I'm slow. Let's see how the Episodes are doing: Oh. It's been up for two weeks.
  8. Apparently they're doing a tribute to Ben Folds Five:
  9. Worst spin off ever? YES Merry Christmas, we all need a break. *drinks communion wine*
  10. Hey, what's the next project. (and can i riff in it)
  11. I wanna play Minecraft but i don't know anymore
  12. XD I loved when Hayden snapped Norb's neck and threw me.
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