The Frontierlands

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The Frontierlands is the world of SpongeCraft Frontiers. It is a diverse, uncharted world in which players are tasked with surviving and thriving by exploring and building their own homesteads. Its most notable feature (and unofficial symbol) is the Great Hoodoos, a group of large earthen pillars bounded on all sides by the edges of several different biomes.

During the planning of SpongeCraft Frontiers, it was decided that the server would not feature a superflat map in the same vein as SpongeCraft Classic, and would instead begin life as a typical Minecraft map. The Frontierlands were one of multiple potential maps generated for the server by HawkbitAlpha, and was selected as the final world due to the striking appearance and verticality of the Great Hoodoos. Since the launch of the server, the world has become known for containing other rarities, including the appearance of both a stronghold and an ocean monument around Inter Island, and a group of four NPC villages in relative proximity to each other, one of which has been repurposed as Littleroot Village.