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User Info
Registration Date March 1, 2018 (Current)
October 4, 2012 (IPB 3)
May 2011 (Forumotion)
Age 21
Status Active
Group Loyal Customers
Notable Creations SBM Discord Server

HawkbitAlpha (formerly ACSBehemothHellcat and Prince Darkstar) is an SBC member who originally joined the community in May 2011, but was permabanned from the site for much of the 2010s until his surprise return in 2018. Today, he remains as an active Loyal Customer.

Having initially discovered SBC at 11 years old, Hawk's arrival on the site was marked by his immaturity and willingness to constantly argue with other members, which led to him being banned in July 2011 (following a fiery Xat argument) after being a member for only two months. Later, in October 2012, he was allowed to return, but was banned again in April 2013 for the same reasons. While trolls are nothing new to the community, Hawk was one of the most notable in earlier SBC history, as he was (especially during his first ban) very forceful about his contempt for the site while staying on SpongeBuddy Mania. This gained him a particular place as a popular villain in numerous SBC Lits.

Following his brief return in late 2012 and early 2013, Hawk remained banned from SBC for several years, and established himself as an active member of SBM in this time. During his time on the other site, Hawk's reputation began to turn around in 2017, due in part to his growing influence in SBM's moderation as its primary Chat Mod (by way of being the creator of its now-official Discord). Finally, in March 2018, Hawk was again unbanned several days after unofficially appearing on the SBC Discord, and announced his surprise return with the thread "HELLO, PROCRASTINATORS". Since resigning as SBM's Chat Mod two months later, he has remained active on SBC.

Today, Hawk, a self-proclaimed "late bloomer brony" and three-time winner of SBC's Best Debater award, is most well-known for his investment into politics, with his libertarian-leftist rhetoric having influenced the views of other members. Hawk's knack for debate also extends to his reputation for acting as SBC's "attack dog" during the site's harder times, especially during larger incidents such as Metalgate and the Third SBC Renaissance.