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Not everyone on The Spongebob Community is a nice person. There are trolls, spammers, and other generally controversial users who threaten the site and even the users. Be warned, as they don't seem to listen when people tell them to leave, and the best thing to do is report and ignore them instead of fighting back.

Major Inactive Users

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

(Main article: Third SBC Renaissance)

Originally a veteran member of SpongeBuddy Mania with a history dating back to the mid-2000s, MDPP joined SBC soon after its formation as a standalone site, and quickly became an integral member of the staff. In seven years as a member of the site, he would be responsible for much of SBC's programming works and under-the-hood management, even as other staff members came and went over the years. In this time, he also developed increasingly strong bonds with the rest of the community, while maintaining a functional, if contentious working relationship with the other staff.

Despite being well-respected by much of the site throughout his tenure, MDPP's reputation collapsed in late June 2018, after details of his real-life manipulative relationship with a then-underaged SBC member were revealed to the community. The resulting fallout (the Third SBC Renaissance) ended with his forced departure and permaban from SBC, and the assumption by JCM of all technical duties for the site, as well as the reignition of the SBM/SBC Feud due to his complicated relationship with SBM and its staff.

To date, MDPP has only been known to reappear on either site once since early 2019, when he attempted to make a comeback to SBM in mid-June 2023. Though he attempted to grossly misrepresent and brush off his past during his reappearance, his return would be short-lived, as the public protests of several cross-site members would result in MDPP finally being banned from SBM shortly thereafter.


A long-time member who, despite his constant levels of aggression, remained on SBC for many years. His presence on the site was the catalyst of numerous incidents, including the Metalgate scandal, which resulted in the bans of several other members. Hayden was known to be combative and controlling, be it pressuring other members into watching pieces of media he enjoyed, attempting to manipulate then-friend jjsthekid into swinging certain events to his favor, or posting disturbing comments toward certain female SBC members.

After years of complaints, Hayden was permabanned from SBC in August 2020 for harassing Cha and Kylie. He later snuck back into the site under the name DrenchedOtter in August 2021, but was banned again three months later once his identity was uncovered. He has since made a few attempts to troll the SBC Discord in spite of his ban, sending messages to random members.

Other Users

  • Metal Snake - A former site moderator who created a Google Docs file attacking jjs and multiple other SBC members, in an incident known as Metalgate. He now inhabits the MLP Forums under the name CloudMistDragon.
  • Spongetron Robotpants and Cream - Two members and friends of the aforementioned Metal Snake, the latter being a former SBC moderator, who were both permabanned during the Third SBC Renaissance for making victim-blaming statements about the involved sexual abuse.
  • crushingmayhem - Another friend of Metal Snake, and a veteran, who was also suspended from SBC in June 2018 due to his complacency in the creation of the Metalgate document. Currently, he exists on SBC in a state of "limbo", only allowed to post on the forums.
  • Elastic Dog - While not considered a very controversial member during much of his time on the site, Elastic has been viewed in hindsight as one of SBC's most aggressive regulars of the 2010s, and was officially banned in 2019 after making a series of bigoted comments.
  • spongebranch - An unusually aggressive migrant member who was banned from SBC in early 2019, and SBM the year before, for constantly attacking other members. Since his ban from both sites, he has reportedly been accused of sexual harassment in other communities.
  • ZaidCatDog - A former SBC regular mainly known as one of the last frequent players on SpongeCraft, in which he left a considerable footprint, and became notorious for taking the roleplay aspect of the game too seriously. He was banned in November 2018 for spying on SBC on behalf of Metal Snake's group of friends.
  • Person - A member who had received much hate and controversy from other users. He constantly fought with Fa, Metal Snake, and Jjsthekid. He also started many fights on the Xat and during Jeopardy. He was banned from Jeopardy forever after an incident during Round #10. Afterwards, he would appear on SBC less, and after January 2015, would not be seen again until summer 2018. At this point, he was banned from the Discord after making several disturbing sexual comments.
  • WhaleBlubber - An infamous member of's Spongebob forum. Despite the fact that his only relevant actions were in attacking SBC and through a series of sock accounts in early 2011, Whale became the "boogeyman" of SBC's early days, due to several community regulars using his name to pull pranks on the site. In 2012, he denied (by email to SpongeSebastian) being present for any of these, and has not been heard from since.
  • Mart Cartman - He is known for constantly spamming forums about his Anytown Show. He is banned from SBC, SBM, Toon Zone, and much more. He also made multiple accounts on many websites.

Reformed Users

The following users were trolls in the past or at least had a bad history with the site, but have since reformed.

  • HawkbitAlpha - A former hater of the site who started fights with SBC time and time again. Hawk was permanently banned from the site twice, first in July 2011, and again in April 2013 after a six-month-long return to the site. He returned to SBC once again in March 2018, and now serves as an SBC Cashier. See his page link for a more detailed history.
  • Storm - A user who quickly became known for his aggressive personality, despite being 10 years old. Between late 2016 and almost all of 2017, Storm was banned from both SBC and SBM. The staff of both sites have since allowed him to return, as he has demonstrated good behavior. See his page link for a more detailed history.
  • Jane - While not a troll exactly, she had a controversial past on SBC. She was allowed to return to SBC on September 2, 2018. See her page link for more details.
  • Bl4zeTMG - An SBM migrant and troll who joined on July 15, 2015 and immediately began starting fights on the site. He was suspended for two weeks for a racist comment, but returned later on August 30, 2015. On this date, he made a thread taking jabs at SBC/SBM members and began arguing with SBCers. He was perma-banned by Jjsthekid for harassment of members, spamming, breaking rules, and being a general pain. He was also banned from SBM and suspended numerous times, and is infamous for posting porn on there. In September 2016, Since then, he has moved on from the internet and doesn't want to associate with the name Bl4ze anymore. He later got in contact with Prez in late 2021 telling him he has matured and requested his SBC account be deleted.
  • yellowshdow - On June 26, 2015, he made an account on SBC and made a topic bashing the site, saying his sister hacked into his account and made that topic. On July 11, 2015, he made another account called "Trollface6" in an attempt to troll the website. He supposedly believed his original account was banned from SBC. He is also a member from SBM, but he was banned for constantly spamming the forums and chat.
  • Rainbow Dash aka Lew - Lew was a former spammer and troll on Xat, who was a minor nuisance to the site from summer 2011 to early 2013. As of 2013, he has changed his ways, but does not visit the site anymore. He would later join the Discord in late 2020.
  • Captain52 aka NightmareFan - Captain wasn't exactly a troll per se, but he gained hate from several users. He was a ban-dodger on who was originally named Captain52, which was his original account. After getting banned, he made many other accounts later over the years such as: NightmareFan_17, Rock_Goddess_18, and many many more. He was known for heavily bashing and attacking a few other users. He is no longer considered a troll. After a short period of time before the vBulletin move, he disappeared again. He returned once again on December 7th, 2011, and then left again.

Enemy Sites and Organizations

  • SpongeBuddy Mania - (2009-2012; 2018-2023)
  • Bluefoxes (2010)
  • Task Force 51 (2011-2015, 2016-2017)