Spongetron Robotpants

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Spongetron Robotpants
User Info
Registration Date August 7, 2014
Age 16
Status Banned
Group Nematodes

SpongeTron Robotpants was an SBC member who joined on August 7, 2014, yet had been on a long hiatus and had only became significantly active in the Summer of 2015, despite being on SBM prior and after being banned off of MLPForums. Currently living in Ohio, she has been known for establishing a romantic relationship with fellow member Metal Snake. She's one of the few remaining MLP fans on SBC, and is also a fan of Gumball and Yo-Kai Watch. She was a member of the Band Geeks and Loyal Customers.

During the Spring of 2018, Tron came into scrutiny over her part in the incident known as Metalgate, attacking lead admin Jjsthekid for alleged 'corruption' and claiming that he enabled abuse of a minor. For her part in this, she was suspended from SBC for five days. Numerous behavioral incidents starting from fall 2017 also came into play, especially as she tried to have Metal attack Hayden due to a petty, one-sided grudge in the document. All of this and more also led to her ban from the SBC Discord server.

She was banned permanently from the forums on July 1, 2018, after making multiple comments seen as victim-blaming on the events of the Third SBC Renaissance.