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User Info
Registration Date September 10, 2013
Status Banned
Group Nematodes

ZaidCatDog is a user who joined SBC on September 10th, 2013. He was one of the most active members on SpongeCraft. He was banned on November 28th, 2018, due to evidence showing that he was taking screenshots of the General chat on the SBC Discord and forwarding them to Cream and Spongetron. This was compounded by him being found on the Xat with SSJ, Cream, and Spongetron, conspiring against SBC.

Prior to his ban from SBC, Zaid was one of the most active members on SpongeCraft, and garnered a reputation for committing far too heavily to business roleplaying; this led to, among other things, an attempt by him to revive SBC Court to resolve a zoning dispute on the server. In the process, Zaid constructed hundreds of locations for his various "businesses", a few of which (most notably Arctic Mills and Kesano Mall) were demolished following his ban, but most of which remain standing on the final version of the server map.