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Channel Info
Registration Date 2009
Function Chatbox
Status Inactive

The Xat] was the most popular chat on SBC from 2009 to 2018. The original xat (under the url was made by Minndak10 in 2009 and was given to SBC in late 2010. On January 1, 2014, SBC has announced that the Xat is no longer an official part of SBC. The site is no longer responsible for whatever happens there, who the staff is, etc. It is its own separate entity and a link will no longer be displayed there.

In the summer of 2018, beginning primarily after the June events of Metalgate, much of the Xat's activity shifted to the newer SBC Discord server. As a result, today, the Xat has been entirely abandoned.

Owners and Moderators

After the restructuring of the Xat by tvguy on November 20th, 2012, the staff consisted of three people: tvguy, Aquatic Nuggets, and JCM as main owners. In December 2012, CNF1 and Shinya were added as moderators. Later that month, CDCB and jjsthekid were added as main owners. tvguy stepped down as an owner on January 24, 2013.


Aquatic Nuggets (November 2012-September 2015)

jjsthekid (December 2012-June 2018)

MDPP (July 2015-June 2018)

Clappy (2013)

ssj (2013)

JCM (November 2012-May 2017)

CDCB (December 2012-July 2013)

tvguy (November 2012-January 2013)

Cream (October 2017-June 2018)


Fred Rechid (November 2016-June 2018)

CNF1 (December 2012-January 2016)

JCM (August 2014 - September 2015)

Patty Sponge (August 2015 - November 2016)

ExKizuna (2013 - 2014)

MDPP (2013 - July 2015)

tvguy (2013 - 2013)

Shinya (December 2012-2013)

Crushingmayhem (February 2016-April 2018)

Metal Snake (January 2017-June 2018)


On June 20th, 2012, due to the Xat password being changed by an unknown user, The SpongeBob Community moved the Xat over to a new address.

On August 18, 2012, it was announced that the Xat will be retired for a safer chatroom. However, less than a week later, the xat returned to being the main chatroom due to negative feedback.

Following events on November 20, 2012, the rules on the Xat were revamped by tvguy and made much stricter, as everyone starts out as guests and membership is an earned privilege.


The Xat has been a source of drama and conflict since its creation in early 2009. It was originally intended to be used primarily for a group of friends on; however, it soon became the social hub for SBC users. Discrimination against "noobs" became evident, as any new users that owners disliked were promptly banned. This behavior continued up until late 2011, when the Xat was revamped.

It proved to be an issue for the staff to tackle in 2012. The chat was reset multiple times, and different hierarchies were tested. The idea of simply closing the chat was supported by administrators like Wumbo and Clappy. The issue continued in 2013 as the staff looked for ways to improve the chat.

In June 2012, the xat was hacked and the password changed, thought by some to have been ExKizuna. The site moved to a new url, which was owned by CDCB. To ensure saftey and security, the Xat staff will consist only of SBC staff. A few select members to be owners/mods on the Xat in the case Staff isn't on it at a given time, which included CF as an owner and SpongeOddFan and Unlimitedcha as mods.

On June 28, 2012, Elastic, ExKizuna, and tvguy fought with CDCB over the new xat rules. teenj12 and Unlimitedcha attempted to back CDCB. In the end, the new xat rules were abolished.

The following day, it was announced in the Staff Lounge that members were using language that was against the rules on SBC and the Xat. This lead to uproar in the lounge about how out of control the xat was becoming. Wumbology posted a thread to users that their behavior on the Xat has to change or the xat is history.

From late July to early August, impersonators plagued the xat, causing a lot of drama and forced the staff to make a new chat. However, when nobody liked it, the IRC chat was shut down and the Xat was used again. In May 2013, a move was made to move the chat again from Xat to Mibbit. This move only lasted 3 hours, thus moving back to the xat after that and abandoning all plans for anymore moves.

In June 2013, the main xat was moved from SBFansUnited to SBCommunity to secure more of a hold on the chat (made by ssj4gogita4), and this has been the domain it has used since.

In August 2013, a rule was put into effect that all members must be registered or will have to be banned using the 3 step process (24, 48, perma'd). This put in a lot of controversy with some newer members, thinking they'd be banned on SBC, however, the controversy was soon put to rest by ssj.

As of January 1, 2014, the xat is no longer apart of SBC. Since 2014, the Xat has had virtually no fights or drama, and became much more peaceful.

As of summer 2018, the xat has officially died due to the growing usage of Discord.

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