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User Info
Registration Date October 12, 2009
Status Inactive
Group Retired Employees
Content Count 4,927

CF (or CF3689 on is a user who joined in December 2008. She became a regular there a few months later and eventually became the editor for the show Martha Speaks. Sadly, she retired from her editorship around August 2009 because of the forum attack. She was suspended twice, in August 2009 and October 2009. She was later banned from the site in October 2009. This saddened many users, but she still blogged from Gamespot. She made a new account known as Ford_Chick in November 09, although she hasn't used it in a while. She later made an account in July 2010 known as Rukia456. She is a huge fan of SpongeBob, Pokemon, Chowder, Bleach, and more.


She was an active poster on SBC and eventually became a mod there. She was the host for the 4th Spongebob Community Awards. She also made two Spin-Offs, one involving Sandy Cheeks and the other one about Squidward being a superhero. She is now inactive on SBC as of 2014. She later made brief returns in June 2016 and in August 2019 for SBC's 10th anniversary.