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Joined: November 30, 2010

Also known as: Shin, Shinhwa, 신화, Sean


Shinya is an SBC user with a long and storied past that spans all the way back to the original United SpongeBob forums. He joined USB back in November 25, 2006, and stuck with the community until early 2010, around the time the USB forums began taking a steep dive in activity. He joined SBM on February 10, and was active until joining SBC in November. In his stay, he has left and returned several times, seemingly never able to have a prolonged stay until recently. Due to his inactivity, Shinya is among the few SBC members who has been registered for over a year but has yet to break 1,000 posts. He has made himself a known user on the forums for being the lone Asian member of SBC.

Activity around SBC

Shinya ran a graphics shop in Glove World called "Shinhwa's Image Services", and is writing a lit titled "Hermit". He barely makes posts relevant to SpongeBob, being that he rarely watches the show. Shinya also frequents the Industrial Park, and likes to be spontaneous, much in the same vein as fellow SBC user dragiiin123. Shinya has also garnered admiration from several users, most notably ExKizuna and Elastic Dog. On Xat, Shinya has taken the role of an unofficial DJ, broadcasting music videos from YouTube either on demand or at his whim. He remained neutral against drama between SBM and SBC, due to being a member of both sites. He is known for introducing "Gangnam Style" to SBC before it became popular. He has not been on the forums or Discord since 2018.