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WhaleBlubber was an infamous troll that stalked the SpongeBob Squarepants TV.com boards and later, SBC, over the course of 2005-2010.


Starting off as a troll on the TV.com SpongeBob Squarepants board in 2005, Whaleblubber, better known as Im_A_Shark, was the most infamous member. He made multiple accounts focusing on under-sea creature names, which he would use to spam the board and insult other members. He kept getting banned from the site and returning over the years with numerous new accounts, such as when he joined under the alias of "Sharkenator" in March 2009.

Summer SpongeBob forum attack

Despite not being involved in 2009's forum attack on the TV.com SpongeBob Boards, Whaleblubber was the culprit behind the 2010 forum attack. Everyone was warned the night before by SpongeSebastian who said that Whaleblubber planned to return to TV.com with a list of people he wanted to get banned. The following morning, WhaleBlubber tricked TV.com staff into banning, suspending, and giving multiple members TOS notifications. The attack left seven prominent users banned, three users suspended, and four with a TOS (Terms of Service violation). Thankfully, WhaleBlubber was too soon banned.

The SpongeBob Community incidents

Following the Summer attack, Whaleblubber came onto SBC with an account called guymonty, which everyone suspected to be him due to his IP address. This lead to the very first SBC Court Case in which he was found guilty and banned. This to date remains the only true WhaleBlubber sighting on SBC.

Multiple times throughout 2011, several users impersonated WhaleBlubber in Xat "attacks", but none of these were ever actually him.

Final Encounter

In July 2012, Whaleblubber confirmed to SpongeSebastian in an email that all of the chat hackings and SBC hackings were not in fact him, but a member trying to play on the other members' absolute fear of WhaleBlubber. Whaleblubber has never contacted SBC again and his whereabouts are unknown, but it is assumed he retired from trolling.


Despite not being active on SBC in years, Whaleblubber has not been forgotten in SBC's history and is almost a mythical figure to newer users. Whenever users talk about SBC trolls, WhaleBlubber is usually always mentioned. He has been satirized and featured in various spin-offs and literatures on SBC, such as SBC Parallel Universe, Community Deathmatch, The Marvelous Misadventures of Patback, Sharky Shore, The Dark Adventures of The Land Takers, and The SBC Show.