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v7 was the 7th version of SBC design, and was a huge change for the site. This version marked the upgrade to the brand new vBulletin site, moving off of forumotion after 6 versions due to a damaging hacking attack. It was launched August 29th, 2011, delayed from its intended launch date due to certain issues. Good Noodles could see some sneak peeks of it in Roger's Lightbulb. Also, it was possible to participate in the Golden Ticket Contest to get early access to v7.

v7 was full of bugs, thanks to the forum software it was hosted on, vBulletin. The switch also saw SBC have a decline in activity. Eventually, in March of 2012, SBC left vBulletin because of server issues. The site was then stuck with phpBB3 for a few months, before upgrading to IPB on June 15th, 2012.

A screenshot of early V7.

New Features in Launch (v7)

  • Customizable Profiles
  • Social Groups
  • Widget Hider
  • Thread Ratings

As time went on, more features were added.

v7.0.1 launched on October 8th, 2011, fixing some past bugs, and adding new things such as:

  • New Main Site
  • Today's Top Posters
  • Avatar in header
  • Return of Doubloons
  • Spy

Over time, more features were added, such as VB Experience (an awards system) and the Glove World Store Generator, which were well received. Due to vBulletin's shut down, some of these features were discontinued but lived on through other means, such as VB Experience's concept living on through Badges.

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