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V5 Dolphin was the 5th version of SBC's design, and was a massive change for the site. The version launched on December 29th, 2010, and was retired with the release of V6 on June 24th, 2011. During this time, Glove World was launched, where users could open up stores and sell things related to their spin-offs and literatures, finally giving Doubloons a use. Forum Widgets (which are still in use today) were also added. V5 Dolphin was a success in launch. It was designed by tvguy and Face. It was also decided the versions would be named after undersea creatures, with names being given the prior versions.

The icons were all made by Face, featuring Patrick and SpongeBob sitting under palm trees.

New Rules

5 new rules were introduced with this version:

1. Only 2 images are allowed in a signature.

2. No swearing in the SpongeBob section.

3. Usernames are no longer allowed to be changed (except for Good Noodles who get free name changes, and your name can be changed during a Stop What You Are Doing).

4. No bashing of others' spin-offs in their own thread. Post constructive criticism.

5. No rip-offs/rehashes of other spin-offs.

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