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This page is about the version. You may be looking for the skin, titled V11 Starfish.

Starfish 11 is the 11th version of SBC, released late at night on September 25, 2015. It marked the site's upgrade to Invision Power Board 4. It has generally received positive feedback and considered the best version since Orca 8.

Whoever logged into SBC over the weekend of its release received 100 doubloons and a V11 Polo Shirt.

The logo of the default skin.

New Features

  • New Doubloons System and Store page. Name Change is now restricted to once every other week use, and the Lottery received an update.
  • New Chatroom, in integration with the Shoutbox.
  • Upgraded Calendar: Events such as new SpongeBob episodes and birthdays are publicly displayed, and also allows for RSVPing of episodes. (events must be approved by staff however).
  • Redesigned profiles. Friends are now replaced with "Followers" and you can add custom banners to your profile.
  • SpongeCraft updates: New client created by Face that uses Minecraft version 1.8, which updated the launcher screen and made the animation much smoother. iFish skins were removed, and uploading custom skins is now only available to Loyal Customers.
  • Wiki updates: The wiki received recoloring and a new logo.


  • The Arcade was removed, as stated in this topic, it is not compatible with IPS 4.


  • At one point, this version was going to be named Atlantis 11.


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