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This page is about the version. You may be looking for the skin, titled V12 Squid.

Squid 12 is the 12th version of SBC, released late at night on August 15, 2017 for SBC's 8th anniversary. The site upgraded to Invision Power Board 4.2.

Clarinet Recital

Before the release, there was a "Clarinet Recital" event where a playlist of clarinet-related SpongeBob clips on YouTube played in a Rabb.it room, "featuring" the musical talents of Kelpy G, Squidward Tentacles and Squilliam Fancyson. jjsthekid and MDPP kept insisting that it was nothing more than "just a clarinet recital", but Squid 12 was being uploaded during the event. sbl was the first person to notice that something was different about SBC during the event.

New Features

  • Three new skins: V12 Squid, Tiki Island and Squid Ink (Loyal Customer exclusive); The Gary Community is now a Loyal Customer exclusive.
  • Reactions, an improved way of liking posts, similar to Facebook's new like system.
  • Clubs, which are a revamped version of Social Groups.
  • News Slider.
  • Improved SBC coding.
  • Device manager. See what devices are logged into your account.
  • Recommended replies. Staff can now select a "best reply" in any topic.
  • More doubloons! You now receive doubloons for anything you do on SBC!
  • Blog sidebars! You can add extra info to your blog posts by editing your blog details.



  • The "Clarinet Recital" is a reference to the version's name, "Squid", where Squidward likes to play his clarinet.
  • This was the first version since 2009 to be made entirely by one person. The last version to be worked on by only one person was V2 Crab.
  • The only graphic that was not made by Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick is the logo, which was made by tvguy.
  • Originally, one proposed feature for V12 was to merge the wiki with the forums using the Pages feature. However, this did not pan out and was shelved.
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