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  1. I can't wait for the Total Cartoon Legends cast reveal!
  2. A final 3 of Kowalski, Private, and Jenny could be your best final 3 yet!
  3. August 2020 Day to Day Schedule: August 1st: Amphibia "Quarreler's Pass/Toadcatcher". (Complete) August 2nd: (Complete Nothingness) August 3rd: American Dad "Roger Needs Dick". (Complete) August 4th: Stargirl "Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One". (Complete) August 5th: Big Brother 22 All Stars Season Premiere/Episode 1. August 6th: (Complete Nothingness) August 7th: (Complete Nothingness) August 8th: Amphibia "Swamp and Sensibility/Wax Museum". August 9th: Big Brother 22 All Stars Episode 2. August 10th: American Dad "The Old Country" and Tee
  4. Series Getting Screen-time in July: 7 Close Enough (Series Premiere Month) Teen Titans Go (Night Shines One More Time Month) Stargirl (Cindy vs Courtney Debut/Henry Death Month) American Dad Spongebob Raven's Home (Bunked with Disney's Bottom of the Barrel Month) Amphibia (Season Premiere Fwagon-ing Month) August 2020: 3 Big Brother 22 Infinity Train Glitch Techs September 2020: 4 Pokemon Journeys The Simpsons Family Guy South Park October 2020: 2 The Walking Dead/Talking Dead Fall 2020: 4 The A
  5. July 2020 Day to Day Schedule: (Complete) July 1st: (Complete Nothingness) July 2nd: (Complete Nothingness) July 3rd: (Complete Nothingness) July 4th: (Complete Nothingness) July 5th: (Complete Nothingness) July 6th: American Dad "Salute Your Sllort". (Complete) July 7th: Stargirl "Shiv Part Two". (Complete) July 8th: (Complete Nothingness) July 9th: Close Enough Series Premiere "Quilty Pleasures/The Perfect House", Close Enough "Logan's Run'd/Room Parents", Close Enough "Skate Dad/100% No Stress Day", Close Enough "Prank War/Cool Moms", Close Enoug
  6. Series Getting Screen-time in June: 9 We Bare Bears (Series Finale Month) Pokemon Journeys (Series Premiere Month) My Hero Academia (Season Finale Month) American Dad Stargirl Love Life (Season Finale Month) Karma (Series Premiere/Season Finale Month) Harley Quinn (Season Finale Month) Search Party (Season Premiere/Season Finale Month) July 2020: 4 Teen Titans Go Amphibia Raven's Home Spongebob August 2020: 3 Big Brother 22 Infinity Train Glitch Techs Fall 2020: 9 The Amazing Race The Simps
  7. June 2020 Day to Day Schedule: (Complete) June 1st: American Dad "One Fish, Two Fish". (Complete) June 2nd: Stargirl "Icicle". (Complete) June 3rd: (Complete Nothingness) June 4th: Love Life "Magnus Lund", Love Life "Luke Ducharme", and Love Life "Magnus Lund II". (Complete) June 5th: Harley Quinn "Dye Hard". (Complete) June 6th: (Complete Nothingness) June 7th: (Complete Nothingness) June 8th: American Dad "Exquisite Corpses". (Complete) Saw We Bare Bears: The Movie Series Finale On FandangoNOW June 9th: Stargirl "Wildcat". (Complete) Jun
  8. Gary is probably the only spinoff I could be down for, and I don't think he's being considered Specials about the histories of these characters could have potential in the right hands, but please get out of the film business Full length series? No, they'll just surround whatever core character with a bunch of newly created and poorly envisioned gimmick characters that we'll hate Robbins' comment also came off as daft, misattributing the recent internet commotion as some kind of deep longing to see Spongebob in media at a more frequent rate His first examples give me no fait
  9. All I saw out of that which I liked is the potential idea of the movie focusing on the Gary/Spongebob relationship We've done Plankton/Spongebob team-ups and Patrick/Spongebob team-ups Either use Gary or use the Squidward dynamic (that one kind of deserves a turn if done like the classic years)
  10. Movies Slated To See In 2019: (Revised as of December 2019) Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Viewed) Kim Possible Live Action DCOM (Viewed) The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (Viewed) My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Viewed) Detective Pikachu (Viewed) Toy Story 4 (Viewed) Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling (Viewed) Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! (Viewed) Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Viewed) Steven Universe: The Movie (Viewed) Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans (Viewed) El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (Viewed) Frozen 2 (Viewed) Star War
  11. July 22nd, 2020 http://nickalive.blogspot.com/2018/04/nickelodeon-and-paramounts-third.html Wonderful
  12. Uh, I mixed them up on purpose to help Jjs' feelings
  13. Get ready for the most anticipated sequel literature of the summer... Jjaysden Burying Theater 9000
  14. What in the ever-loving snarf was that chapter?
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