April Fools 2014

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April Fools 2014
The skin's logo.
The banner of the skin during the prank.
Start Date March 31, 2014
End Date April 1, 2014
Event Coordinator Aquatic Nuggets
Events None
Skins The Takeover

April Fools 2014 was the fourth annual SBC April Fools prank. Unlike past years where multiple pranks were pulled, only one was pulled - which was Plankton taking over SBC, similar to the Lord Aku pranks on SpongeBuddy Mania. It started late at night on March 31st, 2014, and continued on April Fools Day, where Plankton posted in multiple topics and users bowed down to him. A comic was also made by Nuggets detailing the takeover. Plankton was mostly played by Nuggets, but jjs made a few posts with him in the SpongeBob section.





1. Plankton announces takeover.