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User Info
Registration Date April 18, 2015
Status Inative
Group Customers

G4y (aka G4ry the Snail) is a member who joined SBC on April 18, 2015. After three years of sporadic activity, he became regularly active on SBC come December 2018. He is also the reincarnation of Dug from Up, and is rumored confirmed to be blessed by God himself. He was robbed of moderator in January of 2019, and has been distraught ever since. On February 23, 2019 he won a game of Jeopardy for Flicks February, which is the greatest accomplishment in his life.

The only thing this man loves more than Up is the New York Football Jets. He is an active member of the church of Darnold. He was among the first to confirm that Tom Brady is indeed the Anti-Christ. But in the words of G4y "Sam Darnold will deliver us from evil". His biggest quest in life is to see the Jets win the Superbowl. The addition of G4y's favorite person on Earth, Le'veon Bell, will help lead the Jets to the long awaited Superbowl.

On March 23rd, he was unanimously voted for President Best New Player in the seventh, and last ever Jeopardy awards, despite being awful at Jeopardy!

He is consistently bullied by Cha for no reason, despite being the nicest person alive.

At the current moment his balls itch.

He won every award at the Golden Community Awards XIII, the first time there was a clean sweep at the awards.

He is known for having the world's greatest music taste. He stans 3 artists in particular: Outkast, Big K.R.I.T. and Carly Rae Jepsen.