Octerror Fest 2012

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Octerror Fest 2012
The Octerror Fest 2012 logo.
Start Date October 1, 2012
End Date October 31, 2012
Event Coordinator tvguy347
Events SpongeBob Jeopardy!
Xat Games 3
Scary Story Contest
Scary Art Contest
Team Halloween Tournament
Xat Movie Screenings
Candy Scavenger Hunt
Masquerade Ball
Skins Octerror Fest 2012
Krusty Krab Halloween Party!
Preceded by Octerror Fest 2011
Succeeded by Octerror Fest 2013

Octerror Fest 2012 was the second Octerror Fest for the SpongeBob Community. It started October 1st, 2012 and ended October 31st, 2012. It is to date the longest Octerror Fest. The Good Noodles won their first and only team victory before being dissolved as a team.


SpongeBob Jeopardy!

The four Jeopardy games all month long were a part of Octerror Fest, and formed an unofficial 4-parter story, hosted by jjsthekid. JCM won the first game, SpongeMaxwell won the second game, JCM won the third, and Aquatic Nuggets won the fourth.

Xat Games 3

SpongeMaxwell won the third Xat Games. See here for a full in-depth summary.

Scary Story Contest

The Scary Story Contest was hosted by Wumbology. The winner would receive 500d, a free skeleton/mad scientist costume, a free pumpkin antennae, and a free icon of the winner’s choice. The contest began October 1st, 2012 and the deadline for submissions was October 20th, 2012. Voting began October 23rd, 2012 and the winner was announced October 24th, 2012, the following day. ssj4gogita4 was the winner of the contest, however, some felt this was unfair due to his submission not being original, and was only jokingly submitted.

Scary Art Contest

The Scary Art Contest was hosted by Aquatic Nuggets. The winner would receive 500 Doubloons, a free mad scientist costume, a free pumpkin antennae, and a free icon of the winner's choice. The contest started October 1st, 2012 and the deadline was October 22nd, 2012. Voting began October 23rd, 2012 and ended October 27th, 2012. The winner was Aquatic Nuggets.

Teams Halloween Tournaments

The Good Noodles and Krusty Krushers faced off against each other in tournaments on Roblox weekly. The Good Noodles won 7-3. Two exclusive team items were also available in the store for the battles: The Candy Sword for Krusty Krushers and Wizard's Spell Staff for Good Noodles.

Xat Movie Screenings

Four movies were screened throughout the month:

October 5th: Scary Godmother

October 12th: Halloween

October 19th: Casper Meets Wendy

October 26th: Boogeyman (2005)

Candy Scavenger Hunt

A hunt organized by jjs, where users had to find six candy icons hidden on the forum. Whoever found them all would get 300 doubloons, access to Haunted House forum, and free item of choice from Costume Shop.

Masquerade Ball

Users disguised themselves, changing their usernames and avatars, and talked amongst themselves trying to figure out who was who. Finally, everyone revealed who they were Halloween night.

iFish and Store

A fish from the generator wearing the witch outfit

Octerror Fest 2012 is most famously known for adding iFish icons, or "Fish Avatars", to the site. They were displayed in your posts, and you could buy costume items to decorate them with, which can be added using a special generator. They were removed at the and of 2013, but later returned for Snowcember Ball 2014.


Here is a list of exclusive items that were at the store for the month:






  • It is the longest Octerror Fest in history, lasting the entire month.
  • This event featured the first Teams tournament in SBC history.
  • This was the only time to have a username glow available as a store item.
  • First event to have exclusive buyable badges at the store.


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