Bumblebee Costume

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Bumblebee Costume
Shop item img-84.png
The item's image, created by tvguy347.
Item Info
Date Added October 1, 2012
Available? No
Type Body Item
Cost 150 Doubloons
Category iFish Store

Bumblebee Costume is a body item for iFish. It was first added during Octerror Fest 2012, and later returned 3 years later for Octerror Fest 2015 for Loyal Customers only. It later returned for Octerror Fest 2016, again for Loyal Customers only. At Octerror Fest 2017, it was only available as a prize to whoever won the Krusty Krab Kostume Kontest.


  • Despite being a body item, the costume also comes with a head item instead of being in a separate category. This is one of the only three items on iFish to ever do this, with the other two being the Princess Costume and Scientist Costume.