Krusty Krab Halloween Party!

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Krusty Krab Halloween Party! was a Halloween skin on SBC, created by tvguy347. It was first added October 7th, 2012 for Octerror Fest 2012. It later returned for Octerror Fest 2013, Octerror Fest 2014, and was exclusive for Loyal Customers during Octerror Fest 2015 and Octerror Fest 2016. The skin did not return in 2017 due to the upgrade to IPS 4.2, aka Squid 12. It returned for Octerror Fest 2018 for Loyal Customers again, where it was remastered by Patty Sponge and jjsthekid. It was last available during Octerror Fest 2019 for Loyal Customers, and the skin was permanently retired after that.