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    Survivor(both American and Australian, but I'm real behind on the latter, also Bulgarian ironically), Pokemon, Dubs(Persian especially), MLP(kinda, haven't watched in a long ass time), Historical stuff, Niche Game, Whodunnit the TV Show, Wrestling(somewhat i mainly watch AEW now but my dumb brain is so bad at focusing on the matches. i have watched some documentaries tho and theyre good), Wie is de Mol and De Mol, The Sims(mainly 3), Romeo et Juliette, Russian Scatman, Motorsports(Mainly MotoGP, IndyCar, and WRC)
    Also I know a Metric Crapton about cat genetics so if u need something like that Call us
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    Ohio: Home of Norton's Furniture and Irate Gamer
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    SpongeBob in Tehran
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    Persian Grandpa

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