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  1. Good movie, honestly liked it better than Sponge Out of Water, and to be honest, I'm willing to accept this movie as an alternate timeline compared to the one of the main series. ...and as expected, the animation is superb and very close to Season 1's animation which is a huge highlight of this movie, and I very much prefer it compared to the CG animation of Sponge Out of Water which is a lot more stiff in comparison. The jokes are pretty funny too, I laughed at a lot of them. Overall it's a very cute and fun movie for fans of the show. Mainly for the newer crowd but those who appreciated the older seasons a lot more than the new episodes can appreciate this too. First one remains undefeated however, 4/5.
  2. MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED LUCKY STAR i'm really tired after this
  3. Alright so I saw a concern of these games eventually not being able to work anymore due to Flash's discontinuation next year, and I felt the best way to archive these is through this SWF file player I found http://www.swffileplayer.com/ To download the games in their SWF form of the archive that JCM posted: - Right click and left click on View Page Source - Press Ctrl + F simutaneously and search for SWF - There should be a link that has a simplified title of the game with .swf at the ending of it, the link should also be UNDERLINED and clickable - Click it and accept the download to your computer - Go to your SWF player and left click Open and find the game you just downloaded and enjoy! NOTE: I tried doing this with some of the Flash games on the archive that are younger, which are from about 10 or less years ago, and the method I stated won't necessarily work with these games, to download these, you must use Inspect Element and navigate through it to find the .swf link of the game. WARNING: Also please note some of these games are very old as why they are unstable if you download them, it is very likely for these to have lots of bugs and crashes when attempting to play some, yet on the bright side, a handful of these games work perfectly fine.
  4. Bless you for adding Invasion of the Lava King to it, I have been FUCKING DYING to play that
  5. Holy shit just now I realize my show was in top 2 for 2 weeks lolol
  6. what the fuck zeemaps are greedy bastards #3:
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