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  1. Good movie, honestly liked it better than Sponge Out of Water, and to be honest, I'm willing to accept this movie as an alternate timeline compared to the one of the main series. ...and as expected, the animation is superb and very close to Season 1's animation which is a huge highlight of this movie, and I very much prefer it compared to the CG animation of Sponge Out of Water which is a lot more stiff in comparison. The jokes are pretty funny too, I laughed at a lot of them. Overall it's a very cute and fun movie for fans of the show. Mainly for the newer crowd but those who app
  2. MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED LUCKY STAR i'm really tired after this
  3. Alright so I saw a concern of these games eventually not being able to work anymore due to Flash's discontinuation next year, and I felt the best way to archive these is through this SWF file player I found http://www.swffileplayer.com/ To download the games in their SWF form of the archive that JCM posted: - Right click and left click on View Page Source - Press Ctrl + F simutaneously and search for SWF - There should be a link that has a simplified title of the game with .swf at the ending of it, the link should also be UNDERLINED and clickable - Click it and ac
  4. Bless you for adding Invasion of the Lava King to it, I have been FUCKING DYING to play that
  5. Err, I think you might be looking into it too much. These things are unlikely to happen in reporting news about movies, I think it is more likely Nickelodeon's marketing and public relations skills are just shit.
  6. Sandy Squirrel... SANDY FUCKING SQUIRREL?! I am so goddamn close to giving up on IAWS it's not even funny anymore.
  7. Hopefully, they scrapped the summer camp version too. Don't know what other possible plots we could have anymore.
  8. Confirmed by Waller, the space cat invasion story is scrapped and we are not getting it.
  9. These storyboards are proposing quite the interesting and out-of-this-world (literally) plot but the cats coming in spaceships is just... what? Why? How even? I have lots of questions for this movie because this is not feeling like SpongeBob at all, but more like a poorly done fan fiction. I'm sorry but cats just do not fit into SpongeBob at all, hence why I never liked Kenny the Cat from Season 9, just t what the fuck is this movie's direction? This feels like a joke almost, the first movie was a near masterpiece, the second one was out there but made some sense at least, but this one? I don'
  10. Holy shit just now I realize my show was in top 2 for 2 weeks lolol
  11. Kudos to you guys for doing this, SpongeCraft really needed this.
  12. Midnight By: Goobz The clock strikes, midnight The forum is dead The time is right To go to bed To go or not to go, is the question now I want to generate activity, but how The Discord is silent No signs of flourishment One new post on the Discord Ah, it is just another post of a bore The Dubtrack is barren And offline, is Karen Everyone clocked out hours ago And now activity is low Might as well clock out too Forum, Dubtrack, and Discord I bid you adieu And then everyone is back online again
  13. Did this for a school assignment, and I thought I'd share it here! Pensive Dog Day By: Goobz I lay in a field while I deeply dream In pensive thought I stay as the Sun gleams The heat is increasing now, it does seem I awake and move quickly as the heat the Sun beams A new spot I find, so I relocated A warm Sun I wish appeared on this date My owner was warm, for today with them I snuggled But it seems he might soon meet his own fate He recently has been ill, and so I worry I think I should check on him, so I bark go
  14. Dare By: Goobz Dare Do you dare jump off a cliff? As your afterlife’s riff? Do you dare run off a bridge? Knowing your demise is just an inch off that ledge? Do you dare drop a toaster in the bathtub? And have the rest of your days flubbed? Do you dare run into a pit of snakes? The life out of you, they shall take? Do you dare cut off your circulation? And have your death’s headline shock the nation? Do you dare set fire to your house? Just to get rid of one measly mouse? Do you dare get electrocuted? And be
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